Trying to get a straight answer about CPP-D Decision

I find it near imposible to get a straight answer from a cpp disability representative when I call the 1 800 #. All they say is a decision was made and you will receive correspondance and that they cant see what the decision is??? that does not make sence. Feeling anxious and frustrated :frowning:

Have you checked My Service Canada Account to see if any payment is listed?

Did Service Canada ever call you?

No they never once called but I called them and all they said was a decision was made but they cant see it and i must wait for correspondence. I asked if someone at a higher level could help me and they said no. Checked mail but no letter.

Ask them when the letter was mailed.

They told me it was mailed on May 17th.

Service Canada employees are less reliable than the weather forecasters. :upside_down:

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I just don’t understand why they ca’t say aplroved or denied. Instead they say wait for letter.

Ask them how long you should wait to receive the letter.

Do they send approvaks in form of letter?

Yes, but usually from others you get a call if approved. Not to say that you have been denied.
You will always get a letter. You could visit in person at a Service Canada Center and see if they can print out the letter.
You might want to request a copy of your CPP-D claim file. You can do that in person or fill an online request

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Thanks now I’m stressing. When I spoke to them last week, the rep said they don’t call , they send letters. Maybe procedure has changed.

I don’t think my friend who had a stroke got called but that was years ago (he was approved).

Early Client Contact
In accordance with Operational Directives Early Client Contact (ECC) refers to the telephone contacts that are made by CPP departmental representatives at the initial application and reconsideration stages. No less than two attempts to contact the client are to be made for each rapport and decision call. The rapport call is to inform the client of the process and the required documentation. The decision call is to explain the reasons for the decision and the appeal rights.

Just because they are suppose to call does not mean they do. We have not had any calls-but applied late March.

Thanks Liri. I appreciate the info. Just feeling anxious. I never even got the inicial call. I got the letter confirming they had my application and that it could take 120 days. Now confirmation was done verbally that letter is in the mail. Fingers crossed.

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Service Canada is all over the map on communications. Varies from office to office. Many will tell you the results approved or denied over the phone. Some will say wait for the letter. No practical way to force them to tell you. If you don’t get the letter in 2 weeks keep calling them.

David Brannen

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Thanks David. Any chance I could hure you to dig … once again 45 minute wUtvto get through and no letter received…tomorrow is 2 weeks.

Hi David,
Would calling different service canada offices be worth doing? :slight_smile:

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Thats what I’m wondering. Today marks 2 weeks since they claim some sort of decision was mailed. Will wait fir mail today and if nothing I will call again. Someone mentioned going in person. It is not that easy for me as I am disabled.

No letter again! Called spoke to a very pleasant representative who confirmed letter sent by processing on the 17th of May and that they send decion letters and do not call. She could only tell me to wait a few more days for letter then if not received, call back and they will put in a request for processing rep to call whivh will take another 5 business days :frowning: :frowning: What a process!

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No I don’t think calling other offices will get you any further ahead. You are usually getting call centre people who are just reading a status note on a screen. They don’t have authority to say much more.