CPP Disability Approval timeline

I applied for cpp disability in first week of feb 2024, I got a call from service canada within a week of application saying looks like you will be eligible for disability claim and second call i received was from the case officer asking some details regarding my kids date of birth and he said that we will be able to decide in 30 calendar days. However by end of February the adjudicator called and I missed that call, it was a No caller id call so I could not see the number nor any voicemail was left. I waited until mid March and called them, I was told since I did not answer the call, they kept my file on the side. The rep was not able to see if my case was approved or not. I am told to wait another 2 weeks for the case officer to call. I am not sure if this means they have approved my application or how long I need to wait. I regularly check my SC account and it only says they received my application and its in progress. Any thoughts on this would help or anyone in similar situation can reply please. Thank you

It’s kind of a terrible system they have. If you miss a call it’s impossible to get a hold of them. All I can suggest is logging into your Service Canada account. That’s what I did when the same thing happened to me. If you go on there and click on the Apply for CPP or whatever link, it will say something like “You are not eligible to apply for CPP because you are already recieving disability”. That’s how you know if you were approved.