Length of time for decision?

Hi everyone,

I am wondering what the current time line for receiving a response on an application is these days. I am now at 195 days but haven’t called yet because I have read some people are waiting 300+ days.




Called this morning and their new service standard is 180 days. They calculate from the date the latest information was received. I am to call back after April 21.

Hope this helps anyone else waiting.

Have a great day.

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Wow, 6 months now. :frowning:

It’s only 6 months if you are lucky. It took 300 days to get my husbands denial. And they didn’t even read the application and medical report properly

Keep calling back when they tell you too. I had the same thing happen, called back, CPP-D had basically just said they’re working on it. CPP said they’d send another email and call back in three days. I did and CPPD had just said the same thing so CPP said they’d escalate it to a manager and call back in three days. When I did they said they’d made a decision and the letter was in the mail.

I’m at 273-days and have done this three times now. Kinda desperate now, so I’ll try calling back (not sure if they’re even working right now due to Covid).

Frustrating! I bet they’ll ask for more information after this 9-month wait.

I hope you get a hold of someone.
I suspect they are working but maybe on the emergency response EI.
Best wishes.

Yes I suspect most of the department has been redeployed to the COVID crisis. It’s a difficult situation for many that are waiting and waiting and waiting.

Good luck.

This is what happened with me. Got a letter today that they’ve sent a request to my Dr for more information, after having acknowledged receipt of my application in July. It says my Dr. has 60 days to respond, then just as much waiting to get said letter, if not more I’m assuming. That also assumes they aren’t being pulled for Covid-related assistance or not able to work cases right now, as you suggested.

Was this the first letter from them you’ve received? I got the letter saying they acknowledged my application shortly after filing it and a phone call saying the accepted it (but obviously not approved it).

I called and made a fuss at the beginning of January and was told “6 to 8 weeks” based on the response from the processing team.

If they tell me they need more information after 9-months I’ll be filing a complaint.

Here is an article we wrote about how to file a complaint. Let’s hope you don’t have to: https://www.resolutelegal.ca/blog/service-canada-complaint

Like you, I received the initial letter acknowledging receipt of my application in August and the initial phone-call that they didn’t need any additional information at that time. I’d called a few times to check on the status; had an email inquiry sent by the phone rep to the adjudicator/office & told to check back in two weeks - and another 4 weeks later, I got this letter for more information.

It’s definitely a frustrating process, to be sure.

Thanks, David. I just tried to file a complaint and the complaint office is closed and won’t be accepting any complaints – they’ll just be used for customer satisfaction reasons.

It’s like we’re twins.

At 281-days, I’m just being told that on March 23rd the processing team stated that my file would be reviewed by a medical adjudicator in the next “one-to-three weeks”. Given that three weeks have passed and I’ve heard nothing, I’m not convinced that’s happened.

So, nine months to get to a medical adjudicator right now. They also stated there is no service level expectation whatsoever right now on any part of the process.

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I would call every week and say it has been over 9 months.

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I’ll call more often. I avoid it due to the long wait and anxiety, but I guess I just need to suck it up.

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So I just happened to log in today just to see if anything had changed. It’s nearly been 8 months. My application status has changed from “In Progress” to “Complete”. No correspondence received in the mail as yet. So I went poking around in my Service Canada account to see what I could find. Nothing under payment information but curiously, under “Estimated CPP Benefits” it used to show the amounts I would be entitled to. Now it says: “Our records show that you currently receive CPP Disability benefits”.

Does this mean that my application has been approved? With nothing received in the mail, and a long wait on the phone, I’m just curious if anyone else saw this before they received their approval letter.



Yeah mine showed up in Service Canada before the letter arrived.

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Thanks! I’m curious to see what the actual letter says.