CPP Disability wait time - Your experience

First of all I would like to thank everyone on this forum as you guys and gals provide invaluable information and experiences for disabled Canadians for whom the system in its current state is almost unnavigable and lacks clarity.

I see that according to the CPP website the wait time is 90-120 days, I am wondering if you are able to share your experience with wait times recently. The application does state to send it over as soon as possible even before the medical reports so I am trying to figure out when does the time start the day you submit the application or the day they get the medical reports in. If you could share your individual experiences or insight i would appreciate that. Thank you!

My approval wasn’t recent, sorry.
I doubt the 120 days, I have heard a year recently.
I have also heard of 3 months.

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Thanks Jammer, appreciate it.

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I was recently approved for CPPD earlier this month. The clock starts when CPPD receives both your application and more importantly when the CPPD medical form arrives from your doctor. I was very fortunate, I submitted my application and my doctor was on top of things and submitted the CPPD medical form 1 week after. I originally got a call from Service Canada letting me know they received the CPPD medical form from my doctor and my application was ‘complete’ I asked that person what is the current wait period. The person said 3 months (90 days), I got a call from the medical adjudicator just past 3 months at 101 days and I was approved. Hope that helps.

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Thank you Harvey!, this definitely helps.

Its starts from when they the consider you application “complete” – that is when you provide the signed and completed application and medical report forms. However, it can take longer if they ask you to provide additional information like medical records or information form your employer.

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My time line is :
Documents was received on sep 10th,2021
A phone call from medical adjudicator on Dec 21st
Another call on Jan 9th 2022 that I was approved.
Received approved letter after two weeks.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you David, I will use the medical reports submit date as a guideline then unless they have further questions.

Thank you Lily so i figure 3 to 4 months seems more realistic these days if everything is kosher. Was the call from the medical adjudicator for some clarifying questions or they still needed additional documentation. makes me wonder if the doctor/specialist has filled out the ISP-2519 what information could be they be looking for if you don’t mind sharing.

She only asked me one question about my income in 2019. No additional documentation needed. We talked about 5min

My doctor filled up the form and a few medical reports attached.

Thank you Lily, much appreciated.

For me when I got the call at day 101 earlier this month obviously the medical adjudicator looked at my file but I was surprised that the person who called me was not the medical adjudicator, it was simply an office staff worker from Service Canada who simply asked me 1 simple question, if I have gone back to work and I said ‘no’ and she said based on that I have been approved for CPPD and said the medical adjudicator had gone through my file, she did not have any more specifics about the medical adjudication part but told me who much my monthly would be etc. My case in involves mental health issues so I was anxiously waiting for the medical adjudicator to call and going over in my head what they may ask. I can only assume my case was solid and my psychiatrist did do an excellent job on the CPPD medical form as he gave me a copy.

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Thanks again Harvey, quick question, I am in Ontario, on LTDI and I have given them the permission to communicate with SC and vice versa wondering if you are in a similar situation as they could just confirm that information with LTDI folks.

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I applied on Sept 28th, 2021 and got the ph call Dec 2nd. The adjudicator wanted to also see my file from rheumatologist and it seems it was an issue getting it to her, my rheumatologist sent it but lost in the email system i guess. Well Feb adjudicator finally got it after a phone call to say time was nearly up and theyd havecyo make a decision based onbwhat they had from my GP ( she said i needed to stop working) Two weeks ago I was told that they had made a decision and that i would hear soon, the status is still ‘in progress’ on line and ive heard nothing. Why cant the folk at the end of the ph just tell you yes or no. He did say id have to wait for a letter but also said i can set up tax deductions on the website. Thoughts

The ‘In Progress’ can be frustrating as they may have not made a decision yet, my guess is until you see ‘complete’ or maybe an approved or denied a decision has not been made. I was told I was approved for CPPD in early March. My status changed from in progress to complete. I have since received my back pay and my monthly payment for March. My status is still complete but I did receive my approval letter in the mail recently.

My LTD provider, one of the big 3 sent me two forms they wanted signed and sent back to them. Once I sent those back they sent my LTD medical file to CPPD. I also got my psychiatrist to fill out the CPPD medical form. I know for me my psychiatrist did a great job on the CPPD medical and that is what lead to my initial CPPD application approval. The two forms the LTD provider wanted was:

SC ISP-2502-B - Consent for Service Canada to Obtain Personal Information (this form allows the LTD provider to send over the medical information to CPPD)

SC-ISP 1606 Authorization to Communicate Information Canada Pension Plan (this allows CPPD once a year to let the LTD provider know how much in CPPD they are paying me)

These two are pretty standard forms, there is nothing to worry about and I would recommend you sign and send back to your LTD provider. Where are you in the process, have you applied or has the LTD provider asked you to apply for CPPD now?

If you have online access to Service Canada, mine showed a date for a scheduled payment before I received the approval letter.

Yes online access to Service Canada also allowed me to see my scheduled payment before the approval letter came in the mail.

I was told that a decision was nade March 21st but the status hasnt changed and no letter.

where do you look for this?? it is still saying in progress however, even though a decision was Made March 21st. I was kind of thinking they had nade a decision but were waiting on finance to figure out payments but i coukd be absolutely wrong