How long have people waited for a decision

So my husbands case has hit 170 days (I think it may be a couple days more) since ALL information was submitted. We still don’t have a decision.

How long have other people that have gotten a decision recently waited. I’m hoping we hear very soon. But I’m wondering what the chances are we still have to wait for a while.

It used to be 4 months but I am pretty sure the wait has gone up but I would phone Service Canada.
Maybe they are waiting for more information from your doctor.
You may be able to find out something by phoning.
Good luck.

He phoned a month ago and asked if there was any medical information they were missing and they told him no. He doesn’t want to keep calling cause he’s afraid they could then just deny him in order to close his case.

If he hasn’t heard anything in the next couple weeks he may call. But I just wondered what people’s times were recently to get a decision.

That won’t happen.
I wouldn’t call every day.
He could ask Service Canada when he should call back
I’m sure they know it is stressful.

I initially applied in July of 2016 and it took well over 11 months to receive a denial. I appealed immediately and it took until this past May, 2019 for a decision. I was approved following a brief conversation over the phone with a nurse ( I think) who was surprisingly pleasant and supportive. I received CPPD back dated so ended up with a large sum. Most will no doubt be eaten up by taxes so I’ve made sure to put enough aside to cover that. Just don’t give up and I can’t emphasise enough how helpful David’s guide is. Without having that blueprint I don’t think I would have been successful.

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Make sure you get them to split it between the tax years that the payments were for to reduce the taxes…


I just want to bring attention to this.
There are some good people at Service Canada (and insurance companies).


Good point Caro! Revenue Canada will do this special calculation even if you don’t ask them. They will make sure you are not penalized by receiving a large, taxable lump sum in one tax year that was for prior tax years.

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This is so frustrating. Back when we applied they claimed most decisions were made in 4 months. We are now at almost 6 months.

I don’t understand what takes so longe especially when they aren’t waiting for any more information.

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They get ALOT of applications.

I would phone after 4 months though and see if they can give you a better estimate of how much longer.

He did call when it was 4 months. He was told they had all information and gave no other information except it was still in process. We are now at 180 days. He called again. Again told they aren’t waiting for any information and just that there is no decision yet.

Saying they get a lot of applications isn’t excuse. People deserve an answer. If they don’t have enough people to review the applications then they need more people or should work some overtime or something.

I understand if there is a delay waiting for a doctor to get back to them or something. But in my husbands case he’s been told each time he’s called that they aren’t waiting for any information. They just aren’t looking at it.

That’s not fair

I disagree.
It wouldn’t surprise me if they get hundreds of applications each day from across Canada.
Maybe they should start denying more without reading them (which I suspect they already do).
I know it is frustrating and I sympathize.
I’d probably phone weekly after 4 months.

It’s fair in that it takes as long to look at each one.
Maybe they need separate queues to fast track specific causes instead of treating them all the same.

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Sorry I disagree. It’s not an excuse. Making vulnerable people wait more then 6 months for an answer is wrong. And it’s disgusting they deny ones without reading them.

If they can’t review them in a reasonable amount of time then they need to do something to fix that.

Why do you think it’s ok to just accept them making people wait so long?

If they can improve the system without spending more money on it then I would be ok with that.

So you think it’s ok that people have to wait over 6 months for a decision?

Not everyone is getting LTD. my husband is one of those. And there are many many more people like him. My husband has not been able to work for almost 2 years now.

There are people who desperately need to start receiving some money. So yes the government needs to spend more money to fix the system.

I get it, you have your benefits. You probably received LTD while waiting. But believe me if you didn’t have LTD and if you had to go so long without receiving a cent you would feel very differently.

No I don’t, I think all decisions should be made within a month.
BIG BUT, making the process more efficient is good, spending more money while doing it the same way is not acceptable to me.

Yes, I do have CPPD and LTD.

I feel pretty strongly that throwing money at a problem is NOT the way to fix things.

Yes there are, I had a very similar experience when I had appealed my initial denial and was eventually approved - the nurse dealing with my case the second time was very supportive and knowledgeable. It was so appreciated!

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When I received the back payment it was already split into the years owed.

I get your frustration, however you just have to be patient and not give up. In my case it was a long time between application and approval ( about 2 and a half years). It wasn’t easy and I also felt frustrated and angry at times but I didn’t let it get the better of me. I hope it works out and your husband hears from them soon.

I waited for 7 month after submitting all the documents. Then I called them. They said they had too many cases to deal with. I kept calling. So they sent me a denial letter. An appeal took another 7 month. Finally I got my CPP-D with the help of a lawyer (Resolute Legal in this case) and it took more than 2 years in total to do that.