I think I might be approved

So I called and finally got through to Service Canada and there has been a decision made . So all of a sudden my service Canada information is saying complete and when I go into cpp contributions it says under disability benefits that in thier records I am currently receiving disability benefits, which I’m not yet haven’t got the letter yet . Here’s hoping this is a good sign :crossed_fingers:t2:


It sounds like a great sign.

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Yes it does now to just get the letter ! :blush:

You are definitely approved as the same thing happened to me. I get my 1st CPPd on April 27 as I called service Canada. I still don’t have my approval letter only a lettercsayingbtge amount being sent to my ltd insurer.

Good luck :sunglasses::sunglasses::expressionless:

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I haven’t got my approval letter yet either but my payment amount is showing :blush:

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This is the perfect example of why forums are like this are great. This is the type of practical information most lawyers would not know. I have been practicing disability claim law for over a decade and I learn new things all the time on this forum.

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This exact same situation happened to me (website says I am currently receiving benefits). I got a call a few weeks ago and then started checking the Service Canada website. I see that the payment date is today but nothing was deposited in my account.

Did others get their payments today (March 27). Thanks

Hopeful but nervous.

Hi - I also was approved in Feb and could see the dollar amounts. If you go under your Service Canada Account, CPP then under payment information there should be a line that says 2019 if you click on that the dates and the dollar amounts should be showing. In my case I received a lump sum (back pay) on Feb 19, then on Feb 26 my regular monthly amount and today the amount dated March 26 for regular monthly payment (which gets into your account by most banks on the 27th, which mine is showing in my bank account).

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Thanks. I don’t see that 2019 link. I guess I’ll wait.

Hopeful but nervous.

This is what the 2019 link looks like under your Service Canada, CPP, Payment Information tabs (see below). The 2019 link in your account if you click on it (it is a drop down) should show the payment amounts. In my bank account it actually says CPP payment then the $ amount.

Payment information

You can view your amounts for the last two years for CPP. If you are in receipt of OAS, only your most recent monthly payment is displayed.


Pensions and Old Age Security benefits are paid during the last three business days of each month. After Service Canada pays you, it will show in your payment information. Contact us for more information about your pension and benefit amounts. If you receive a Quebec Pension Plan benefit, please contact the Retraite Québec.

Return to My Service Canada Account home page

Hi I just posted a response. and no taxes are not withheld unfortunately. You will have to pay next year when you do your income tax returns or I believe you can contact them and sign a form to withhold some tax.

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I get so little, I don’t pay taxes.

Apply for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC).

I see the 2019 link now. I’m approved! Thanks for everyone’s help on this site!
This is such a great and helpful forum.


Great! Congratulations :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I’m glad you are approved.

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Thank you very much!