How long is too long to wait for answer

Cppd received my application on april 29, 2019 they requested more information from my dr in dec and it was sent in on January 10th. My application is due ato a hemorraghic stroke so there is mri results proving the brain injury. What could be the issue will i get denied?

I would phone Service Canada and ask for an update.

Ok thanks :blush:…i tried and they said the wait time was over an hour so i will try again tomorrow first thing in the morning…will they actually tell me anything or will it just be what the same thing as on the website. …in progress.

They will send a request to people who work on your case to contact you. It will take some time for them to respond.

Looks like waiting time is becoming longer and longer. No worries if they approve you’ll get paid for all this time you waited and more.

Well there has been a decision made i should receive a letter within 10-15 days

Hope it will be an approval.

I got the letter today and its been approved :grin:


Good news :+1: Congratulations!