Info re: applying for the Disability Tax Credit

FYI: I just found out some new info today that might be helpful for some applying for the Disability Tax Credit.
I wanted to check on whether they received my application which I mailed via Canada Post. They said that I needed to check in another 2 weeks time re:processing and it takes about 6 weeks to be notified whether you are going to be approved or not.

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You can also see it online via your CRA account.

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We sent in my husbands on May 31-so your update is so helpful! Unfortunately his Dr. only went back to 2015.
If approved-pretty sure it will be then I am also going to request for the Excise gasoline tax refund


That’s interesting.
What is “public transportation”?
What if a person can use wheel-trans stuff?

if you can’t take a bus can you claim for fuel. It is peanuts unless you live a longer distance, but I will still claim.
Who wants the handi-transit, it is so slow

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I shall pass this on. Thank you so much

It is interesting.
I might do the math after I get CPP-D and see if it is peanuts for me.
Thanks for the info.