DTC notice of approval?

Has anyone applied for the DTC recently? I submitted my application online and for about a month it said that they had received my documents. Now for about a week it’s said on my CRA under Benefis and Credits that “According to our records, you have never claimed the disability amount” but I haven’t received an email or letter. I can’t remember what it used to say before I submitted my application. I requested that they not reassess my taxes from past years so that shouldn’t be a hold-up and I requested communication by email so mail shouldn’t be a problem either.

Hi, I also applied on the 10 March, uploaded everything. For weeks it said it was received, now for the last couple of weeks it states “our records indicate the following disability tax credit information”, so I’m assuming it’s being processed.

It doesn’t have a date under "our records indicate the following disability tax credit information”?
It sounds close to being done.