Disability Tax Credit

I received this letter from CRA. Exactly what does this mean and am I supposed to do something? “You are eligible to claim the disability tax credit for yourself.” Thanks

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If you are eligible for the disability tax credit, you may be able to claim the disability amount of $8,001 on line 316 of your tax return. I see from a previous post that you were approved from 2014. Call CRA and ensure that the credit is being applied-did you ask for the tax credit to be applied to a family member’s return

I think when I got it, my tax returns for previous returns were automatically reassessed.
It is a non refundable tax credit.

Jammer: I would love to know what you/your Dr. said on your Application for the Disability Tax Credit. I’m just going through the process now with my Family Doctor. Fingers crossed!

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For the Disability Tax Credit, there is a detailed chart with examples of qualifying impairments in CRA publication RC4064(E) Rev. 16 Disability Related Information. I found it very useful, in case you haven’t seen it.

Thank you Erin. I shall review it. I do know that they’ve changed it a bit and now you can qualify for many things combined rather than one issue.

I pretty much wrote from the examples and then my doctor reviewed and signed it.
That was 5+ years ago.

I looked at my application.
I typed a separate page.
For “effects of impairment”, I had the headings “speaking, walking, feeding, dressing”.
All the checkboxes on form 2201 I checked “not applicable” I assume I did that because I attached my own page.
I probably would have done it differently if I had to do it again.
I don’t think there were too picky with me because I have a genetic disease.

The CPP-D application was WAY more detailed.
I hope that gets approved because I don’t want to deal with it.
I am under 50 though so I expect the worst.

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I suspect that you won’t have any issues with the CPP-D if you were accepted on the CRA Disability Tax Credit. I’ve heard CPP-D is more lenient. I’m afraid of the CRA Disability Credit and not being accepted. I did as you did and submitted it to my Doctor. She wanted to review what I had written and we have an appointment set up to discuss everything before she writes anything and/or signs the form. My Specialist didn’t want to assist because he stated that CRA calls for endless documentation and he just doesn’t have time for all that.

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My doctor had just completed my CPP-D application when she did the form for the DTC so we included all the same documentation and CRA did not call for any more information.

For me being able to qualify by using multiple categories in the DTC was key, because they added up to much more impact on my daily life than being an insulin-dependent diabetic, which is one of the examples CRA gives - they have some new mini-case studies on their website now that are good illustrations too.

I also called CRA to before I applied to ask some questions about how my impairments compared to the examples in the table and they were very helpful in clarifying more about what the criteria included. They told me to apply and see what the reviewers would decide.

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Not in all cases.
It is probably better to have a doctor who is willing to go through this with you. :slight_smile:

My DTC took a bit over a month to get approved but it probably depends how busy they are.

My husbands CPP-D took only 3 months–but the disability tax credit took us 5 months to hear he was approved for that too…all depends on how many applicaions

It all sounds so complicated and it’s no wonder people are afraid to apply for it. My Family Doctor is very keen on helping with it though so I guess I’ll see how that goes. Thank you all for your responses! Greatly appreciated!

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How long did it take to receive tax credit monies? How do you know if you should request they assess your spouse’s income instead? Will they assess both and choose the most beneficial?

My back payments were in 3 parts (probably depending when my returns were reassessed).
The first took over a month, 2 were 2 months.
It probably varies quite a bit depending how busy they are (mine was May and June).

I have no idea.
I don’t know if you can transfer the credit to a spouse.
I would call CRA and ask.

When we sent the application my spouse put my name down for the claim ( section 2-Section 2 – Information about the person claiming the disability amount)

My husband was approved for 7 years. I went online and claimed for 2 of the years and received in 3 weeks. I then did the other years online and for two weeks it is still listed as pending.

If you wait for CRA to assess it is between 6-16 weeks typically.

I am applying for the disability tax credit for my daughter who is 11. She has ADHD and a sever LD. The tax form asks me to give details about regular and consistent support I provide for food shelter and clothing… I of course provide all those things because I am her mom. Am I supposed to put something else here? Help!

It’s been a long time since I applied for it.

Interesting read.

In the 2016 Taxation Year, the Disability Amount for a person who was 18 years of age or older is $8,001.00. If the person with the disability was under age 18 then there is also a Disability Tax Credit Supplement of $4,667.00 that is added to the disability amount. Both of these amounts can be transferred to a supporting family member if necessary.


Don’t just write you’re her mom.
Attach a separate page (or pages) and write a story detailing a typical day.
Describe difficulties you have waking her up, clothing her, feeding her, etc.

Good luck.

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Hi Erin,

Me and my wife are planning to apply for disability tax credit and I’m wondering what advice you could give me. She is type 1 diabetic, hypothyroid, and has kidney issues. The application is very black and white and I feel that it may not be approved as only one category has been checked of yes by our dr. We could use all the help as she is going on matt leave and the twice monthly visits to the dr’s dont make life easy. Any suggestions did you have any of the other categories checked off as yes. Did you write your own letter or only the dr? thanks in advance

Hi Benjamin,

I’m no expert but I had found this chart on the CRA website (publication RC4064(E) Rev. 16 Disability Related Information) which has more detail about the criteria they use including examples. That helped me a lot and I think a couple of other people in this thread said they used it too. I gave the chart to my doctor and then she used it as background when she filled out the form.

For Type 1 diabetes though, I know there was some recent discussion in the news about the criteria which I think may help to qualify for that category alone based on the treatment hours required per week? I think it is used as a case study on the CRA website.

Here is one news article on it:

Hope that helps,

Great tip Benjamin–we brought in to our Doctor and she also used it as a back up. You can also send in a letter-brief-to the point-explaining how you struggle or are impaired. Google Diabetes and Disability tax credit for tips–it has been in the news recently that Service Canada is making it more difficult–so search ahead so you can make it easier for your wife to be approved.