Regarding Federal Disability tax credit application in review and paying 2019 taxes

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My situation is the following.

I am in the process of getting my Federal Disability Tax credit , it is currently in review and being processed.

I check the status of my application every day on the service Canada website, and it still says processing.

I just filed my income taxes for 2019, and it seems with the cpp-d lump sum payment for 2019 , I guess i owe the federal government close to 1000.00.

My question is the following.

Is my disability tax credit disallowed, because i have to pay income tax this year ? is this a warning flag , that my application is being denied , or was denied ?

The reason I ask, is if I was successful in getting the DTC, would it not apply to the 2019 tax season , so I would pay less ?

I am not good at money issues, and usually my wife does the hard lifting when it comes to finances. has this situation ever happened to anybody else ?

I will sit back, and look forward to all responses.

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I just went through this same scenario. CRA said I couldn’t claim the credit until the DTC had been approved and to file my return without claiming the credit. Then when the DTC was issued, I was to refile an amended return through the blue button “change my return” on CRA’s website.

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Your information was both helpful and education. I am glad sit like this , along with great fantastic people , help,those with questions or concerns.

I wish all of you success in your applications and if I can help, I will pay it forward…

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Did you chase one, or did you have to change all for the 10 year roll back, for example mine would be 2010-2019 ?

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I am planning to amend them all myself, because I had some extra RRSP contributions that I made before I got sick but didn’t use yet. I’ll claim a smaller RRSP deduction once the DTC comes through.

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Your help was invaluable, and probably saved me some time with service Canada by phone !


Just a quick question Caro please!

When you were approved for the DTC. , was it a temporary 5 year approval, or was it permanent ?

I applied for permanent, but I am reading and hearing that they are only approving 5 year stints, then you have to re apply basically.


It hasn’t come through yet. From what others have said it depends on what kind of condition you have too but most people recently have said that they got 5 years.

I got permanent but that was years ago.

Thank you Jammer, can always count on you for the straight goods !

My friend only got 5 years more recently than me.
He has a permanent condition.
I think it is fairly easy for him to renew it (it’s just tedious to remember).

I am retired from CRA and my last 6 years were spent in the DisabilityTax Credit unit verifying the application form T2201.
Length of time given on an accepted application depends on the condition and if there are indications of improvement in the future. Your doctor may indicate the condition is permanent, but CRA has final say on whether the DTC form submitted is accepted on a temporary or permanent basis.

Hello everyone,

I would like to get tips on how to successfully apply for DI tax credit. I’m on the appeal process of my LTD at this moment. Should I wait until the LTD has been approved? Or should I apply now. I’m not able to work almost 4 months now.

Thanks in advanced.

Apply now. Ltd and the disability income tax credit are not connected in way shape or form.
The disability tax credit is not income geared nor do they ask about employment.
I have 16 years at CRA approving these forms.

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Thank you Vicki. Do I have to submit just the form or clinical notes as well?

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Only the “Form T2201” is sent to the Canada Revenue Agency, once the doctor completes and signs, than you are responsible for submitting the form.
The questions in the form “T2201” does not base any questions on whether you’re able to work.
It only asks about how your “Basic Activities of Daily Living”(BADL) are/is affected, and falls into the outlined eligibility criteria.
You only need 1 “Basic Activity of Daily Living” to qualify to be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit, that includes a section for “Cumulative Effects”. None of the other BADL’s sections have to be completed except the one/s you’re applying for.

If the CRA needs more information to make a decision they will write a letter to the Doctor that completed the form. It’s called a “Clarification Letter”.

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Thanks a lot Vicki. Really appreciate your help.

If you are approved they can go back to ten years if you qualify. I had to appeal and the second explained in more detail how my conditions affect me daily. Dont sugarcoat it tell them if your in pain daily, trouble walking breathing, lifting and anything else you can think of. The support of your family doctor will make a difference. I must have sent letters and documents a dozen times and my file was thick as an encylopediaand I was approved. A number of conditions combined can also be a huge factor.