CPP Disability wait time - Your experience

Thanks for checking in Harvey.

When I got approved for CPPD on my initial application I was also waiting for the medical adjudicator to call to either ask for more information or approve or deny me. To my surprise, I did receive a call but it wasn’t from the medical adjudicator it was a non medical adjudicator from Service Canada who just asked if I had returned to work which I replied no and then said based on that I was approved for CPPD. I have an invisible mental health issues. I asked her a question and she said the medical adjudicator approved me based on the information they had in front of them. So keep the faith until you hear from them.

For folks with access to Service Canada online account, what does the status change to from “In Progress” Does it go to “Approved/Denied”? How long before you actually receive anything in the mail once the status changes from “In Progress” to “Approved/Deny/Any_other_word” Do you always receive a call from them informing you of the decision or letting you know of anything, last minute questions like Harvey23 had mentioned.

How long did it take from application status “complete” to “approved” or the time when you were able to see your payment information online, did it take exactly 15 business days which is pretty much 3 weeks.

My application went from being processed to ‘complete’ after I received a phone call from service Canada/CPPD. To this date it still says complete (now with backpay deposited and a few monthly regular payments as well) after it changed to complete it says a decision letter would be mailed in 10-15 business days which it was. Once I clicked on complete it did reference to payment which I clicked on and could see my payments but as I was told on the phone from Service Canada I was approved and told how much my monthly benefit would be. I did have a friend who applied, she got no phone call just a letter in the mail she was denied. So the takeaway is there is no standard procedure when it comes to CPPD.

Harvey in your case (if i understand correctly) the letter took exactly 15 business days/3 weeks to arrive after the application status changed to complete.

For me that was the case for the letter in the mail about 10-15 business days but after the phone call from service Canada I knew I was approved and the letter was a formality. For the people who are waiting period once you have any status can from ‘in progress’ to whatever, mine was to ‘complete’ look in the payments section. You should see your backpay payment long before any letter arrives in the mail if you have been approved. If no payment info after a status change you may be denied. I believe after my status changed from in progress to complete my backpay payment was on the next day and a few days later my monthly payment was posted and my official approval letter arrived later in the mail.

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Hi Harvey, yes that’s what they told me, that all I’m waiting for is the person to call me and it’s a different person than the adjudicator. I did have a long conversation with an adjudicator back in Dec and then she had asked my rheumatologist for my file also after that. My family had done the initial paperwork. I also have some mental health stuff going on which I believe stems from my Lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia and a few other things. Thanks for keeping in touch with me. I’m trying to remain positive but feel like I’m waiting for news that bever comes.

Hi Chrissy,
I think it sounds pretty positive if you ask me. The person from Service Canada who called me was from their financial department as after asking me one question (whether I went back to work or not) she said based on me still being off work she would release my backpay money and total me about my monthly CPPD and the children CPPD portion.

Thanks Harvey, I guess I will just have to wait and see.

OK, I’ve been trying to tell myself it’s taking this long because they are trying to figure out $ amounts but then I say to myself, they have computers for that, after 8 months it’s getting a bit hard to think positive however. Did they pay retroactive to your application date?? I stopped working in Sept 2020 but didn’t apply for a year, I hoped it was temporary but my illnesses are ones that only will get worse. I really appreciate your positivity.

The retro was from the exact date my doctor wrote he recommended me off work on the CPPD medical form. My doctor gave me a copy of the CPPD medical report when he sent it in. He filled out my sick leave for work so the date was my first day I stopped working.

Hi Harvey, Well they finally called me and I’m approved 1st time. I’m so very relieved. They also asked the question of my return to work, oh man I only wish I could. Thank you so very much for our conversations it was truly great having someone to chat about this with.

Hi Chrissy,

Congrats!! I know the feeling you are going through, a huge relief. I think anybody who is being contacted by a non medical adjudicator there is a very good change you are going to be approved. I was expecting the call from the medical adjudicator but it sounds like they are letting the financial department side of CPPD contact when its going to be approved. I guess the medical adjudicators are busy enough and they don’t need to be calling and potentially playing telephone tag when somebody else can make the call. Congrats again. Keep an eye out for the payments section on Service Canada. You backpay and regular CPPD will be posted very soon and the actually letter in the mail will come in 10-15 days.

That is great news and a huge weight off your mind. Time to apply for the DTC and consider opening an RDSP - especially if you are under 49.

Is that the T220, im 59

I received the letter already, but now a bit stressed about this backpay and the tax that will be owed. What is the RDSP

Mine turned to complete as soon as I’d recieved the phone call.

Yes the DTC is the T2201. It will reduce your taxes from the date you became disabled.

The RDSP is not as useful once you’re older since the matching grants and bonds stop at 49.

Hi Chrissy,

You should definitely apply for the disability tax credit. The application is pretty straightforward compared to CPPD. It will reduce the backpay part and if approved then you definitely won’t be paying taxes on your taxable CPPD going forward if approved. The RDSP is great. If you are under 49 you can get grants and bonds from the government and they can go back 10 years on your taxes if approved for back years. I was fortunate enough that I got approved for the DTC for 10 years back and a number of years going forward. I got about $18,000 back on taxes for those years. And I have received 24,000 in grants and bonds for my RDSP. I would recommend going on YouTube and watching a few short videos on the RDSP. Worth applying for. Lots of benefits.