CPP Disability past 120 days no response

Good Morning, I applied for CPP Disability and they received it on Jan 14, 2022. I was told a few weeks ago that a medical decision was made on Apr 29 and this is the same day a letter went out to me asking for my childs birth certificate which I sent a few days later via my service canada account. I have not received any further communications since. I was told on Friday June 03rd that the notes do not say if it was approved or denied. Every person I speak too tells me something different. On Friday I was told they cannot escalate this until 150 days. I was told could take up to 180 days. Is this normal to take this long? I have not received any letters at all from them. I just keep getting told its in a different department now. Anyone have any suggestions?Advise? Thank you so much.

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Keep phoning.
A decision in 4 months is really fast. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. Given they have not requested any information other than birth certificate. Is this a good indication that it was approved?

I just got approved 2 weeks ago and i applied in Sept 2021, so 8 months. I’d say youve got a while to wait yet.

Approval times are all over the map as Crissy’s took a bit longer, I was fortunate, mine fell under the 120 day mark at around day 100. Depends a lot of which medical adjudicator the case lands on and how busy they are, their holiday time, sick time etc. I would also agree that the fact they asked for your children’s birth certificate would be a good sign. If you are going to be denied why would they even need the birth certificates. I think you are probably looking at an approval and the child benefit portion of the CPPD a good component of CPPD as I have that included in my CPPD.

Is it a call or letter advising of the decision?
Thank you for the replies. I am so happy I found this forum. So much information and support.

In my case it was a phone call with 1 question asked to me which was have I gone back to work and when a replied ‘no’ they then told me I was approved for CPPD and told my monthly amount and backdate amount. I then received my approval letter in the mail.

Update…I received a call this morning from CPPD and was told I was approved and they gave me my breakdown and said I could go online to view the details and also a letter would be going out to me. I just looked at My Service Canada account but all it says is Completed. I am guessing it takes a few days for the information to update on my account? Just wanted to say thank you for your support as well. I am so happy and relieved the wait is over. Good news today. Great way to start the weekend.

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Wonderful news. Look under payments section and you will see your backpay and your first regular monthly CPPD posted shortly if not already posted. I still remember my call and the huge sigh of relief when told I was approved.

So glad you got good news. It is a huge relief and I am glad you can rest a little easier now. I too remember the weight being lifted off my shoulders when I was approved.

Great news.
It’s a big relief.