3 days left til my 120 days is up


been off work with rotator cuff injury since october 17 2017, ive had surgery to fix tare but when they went in i was full of frozen shoulder and now they cant fix the tare after removing frozen shoulder just had my 3rd shot of cortazone since surgery in march therapy 5 days a week too applied for canada pension disability july 2018,my 120 day will b up november 7th …im right on edege waiting ,i hope it takes no longer ,do they always run out the 120 doyn even if your denied or approved ,im so anxious


They sometimes take longer than 4 months.
4 months is when you can call.
My approval took 4 monrhs almost exactly.

I hope it goes well.


im such a mess here waiting to find out …seen all the comments about checking the status of your claim on msca ,tried that cant get on…my doctor tells me most denied ppl find out b4 their 120 days …i hope hes right ,anyone got any insight into that?


what happens next jammer after your approved?


I would think most denials would happen before 4 months ut anything could happen.
With the Canada Post strikes, mail migh get delayed.

After you get approved, you’ll get direct deposit or a cheque (I hope you get direct deposit from the CRA) each month (roughly 3 days before the end of each month).
My retroactive payment went directly to the insurance company (depends on your situation).
CPP-D is taxable so you get a T form at the end of the year.


thanks jammer for responding ,its nice to have someones who understands ,well dont know if this good or bad ,but i finally got into my service canada acount ,shows my claim as in progress ,today is my 120 days ,im scared to find out ,if its no im gonna be so heart broken


The status just means it’s on someone’s desk.
If you phone you may get someone nice who tells you more.
Make has been sent for medical analysis.
Try not to do “what ifs”, deal with whatever when it happens.
Apparently a lot of people get denied the 1st time.
My friend got denied the first time and it seemed like they didn’t even read his application because the reasons they gave were answered in the original application.
His appeal was “see the answer on page x”.
I was approved 1st time though.
So who knows, it might depend on who reads it and if they are having a good day.
I would definitely phone.
Good luck.


i called the lady was very nice couldnt tell me much but she put a reminder on line that my 120 days is up someone should contact me by 15 more buisness days or i can call back on november 30


She wouldn’t even say where in the process your application is?
Given the mail strike, I hope they will rely less on mail.
I received a letter (unrelated to disability) Nov 7 that was sent Oct 29.
More waiting, I’m sorry it is stressful.


couldnt tell me nothing i couldnt already see on my service canada account ,im really hoping most denials dont happen after the 120 day time period


Call them up Then be patient when I recieved my cppd I had to send to my insurance company who was paying me Then I got to pay the taxes on it $20,000.00 So sometimes the wait not that golden Good luck yes they drag there feet and if you call be polite


im gonna crack up here waiting ,going a bit shack wacky anyway used to driving 1000 km a day to 11 km return trip to therapy everyday ,rest of time sitting and waishing and waiting , checking computer alot ,maybe no news is good news


I have applied for cpp disability on 4th June .
I called them almost 7 to 8 times. They talked to me always very nicely & politely . I got a phone call last week the nurse said we r waiting for your GP reports after that we will make a decision. He said i hope I will call you in Dec 1st week .


Ya there not the fastest runners that’s for sure pencil pushing is a tough job just like being a mother