CPP-D medical info: have LTD insurer communicate the medical info or have my doctor complete the report?

First time poster here. Thank you David & the Resolute Legal team for an amazing website & resource.

My LTD insurance provider Sun Life has requested I apply to CPP-D as we are past the 2 year mark. All my LTD applications were approved first time around.

I’ve reviewed the resources on the pages here, but didn’t find the answer to this question.

For the CPP-D medical report, I have been given 2 options:

  1. Consent for LTD insurance provider to share medical info with CPP-D for the application OR
  2. Have my doctor complete & submit the medical report.

#1 is obviously the easy button, but I was wondering which approach is recommended and most likely to yield success?


Is there anything medical that you don’t want them to see for whatever reason? I don’t know what the odds of success are but I figured it was in my LTD insurer’s interests to get me approved so I did give them consent. I also don’t think I could have physically managed the process myself I was too weak.

I didn’t have a choice so my doctor completed my application.
I would let the insurance company submit the medical info UNLESS there have been new tests or diagnoses that happened AFTER the LTD was applied for.
Also, is it the same doctor now as before (rhetorical).

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@Caro I’m fine with Service Canada seeing the info that LTD insurance has.

@jammer LTD insurance has required updates every 4 months for the past 2+ years from my support team, so they have the current information from all my doctors (who have not changed). They have also required written updates from me every 4 months for the past 2 years, so they have that info as well.

I have been on LTD for 1 year when the insurer requested I apply for CPPD. They only had a few medical updates on file with the insurer so I got my supportive psychiatrist to fill out the CPPD Medical form and I also got the insurer to send if the medical documents they had on file. I wanted to give it my best chance on my initial application. I applied in late Nov so I am at day 60 and hopeful by day 120 I find out from CPPD one way or another.

Sounds ok to me so I would let them do it if it was me.

Best of luck.
I wonder if they are still really slow, probably. :frowning:

robfun and Harvey23:
Apply for the DTC (Disability Tax Credit) too.
It is worth having.

Yes I applied and got approved for DTC. I included my DTC application that my psychiatrist filled out with my CPPD application as well.

Sometimes the insurance company will hire a firm that specializes in filling out the CPP disability forms. You should ask about this as these firms know what to say.

Thanks @RaptorsFan ! This is good to know I’ll have to ask.

This depends on how strong the information is in your LTD file. How well does the medical information support that you have a “severe and prolonged” disability as defined by CPP disability. It is possible to meet the definition for disability from “any occupation” for LTD but still not meet the definition of a “Severe and Prolonged” disability for purposes of CPP.

This is what we look at when deciding what to do for people when we are preparing their application for CPPD.

You can always start with the LTD information only and get your doctor to do a report if your initial claim gets denied.

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What is your take if you get the LTD insurer to send in the medical information they have on file and also get your doctor to fill out the CPPD Medical form as your doctor supports your application and will confirm that you are not able to any work in the future as your condition is getting worse and it continuous.

Thank you for the reply & info @David_Brannen

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That is often the best way to do it. We will always do that for our own clients unless the medical information from the insurance company is very strong in proving disability as defined by CPP.

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This is an old post but the exact same question I have right now.
I have received a notice from my insurer that they will be re-assessing my case soon in order to decide whether they can approve my LTD beyond the 2yr mark. They have acknowledged I have multiple conditions and have only required updates from my doctor every 6 months. So all in all, they have left me alone and I do think they will approve me after the COD (change of definition) as I am still unable to do any kind of work.

So now I am thinking of applying for CPP-D, at least that way I am paying into my CPP contributions if I am approved. I have multiple conditions, most of which are life-long but also some that I can hopefully recover from with treatment. I have so many diagnoses listed on my forms that I’m not even sure exactly which conditions my insurer considers to be the basis for approving my claim. Regardless, I don’t think I would ever be able to sustain a full-time job again or even work part-time consistently as I have too many ups and downs.

Since CPP-D gives me 2 options as mentioned at the top of this thread, to either a) have my insurance company share my case file with CPP-D, or b) to have my medical doctor complete the form, do you think it would raise any red flags with my insurer if I asked them for my case file? I know I have the right to request my file but do you think it would draw unnecessary attention? I am curious to know how strong my case file is. Do you think I should tell them upfront that I would like a copy of my case file as I plan on applying for CPP-D?

Thank you

You shouldn’t be paying any contributions to CPP.
It is a good idea to apply because it takes so long now.
I applied well before being asked by the insurance company.

I would do that.
Also read David’s book on applying (I don’t have the link but I’m sure someone does).

I wouldn’t in case they estimate&deduct.
But when the COD happens, they may ask you to apply in which case I choose option a.

Thanks Jammer. Very helpful answers. Much appreciated.
I’m not paying any CPP contributions at the moment but what I meant was that at least if I get approved for CPP-D, it will be as if I am making CPP contributions? (that was my understanding)
I realized I didn’t have David’s new book so I have just ordered on Amazon (I am happy to pay). So I will definitely be following the advice in the book.

Thanks again.

I think they just ignore the years you’re getting CPP-D in the calculation.
They should use the minimum or something but they don’t.
The longer you get CPP-D and don’t work the worse CPP will be (it’s still better than not working and not getting CPP-D).

The system changed, newly disabled people continue to earn CPP credits at something like 70% of their rate while earning.

Nothing changed for us oldtimers.