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Was just approved for LTD this week and was asked to apply for CPP-D at this time. Going through the CPP-D application it appears that since I am on LTD I may not need to ask my doctor to fill out the medical report? Is it still advisable to have my doctor fill out the medical report to ensure that the right information is being sent along with my CPP-D application or to have the LTD insurer connect directly with CPP-D to supply all medical info? thanks

Your doctor has to fill out the CPP-D forms. A specialist is the best person to do it.

@mrshastri There is an option on the CPP-D form that you can have your insurer send their files and you do not have to get your doctor(s) or nurse practitioner complete the medical form.

I completed my application in November and when I called Service Canada CPP-D I was told that the medical form takes precedent over the insurance file information. I chose to have my ongoing care medical doctor to complete the medical form. I think it cost me $50.00 to complete (and saved the receipt for my income tax)
You can have multiple medical doctors or nurse practitioner complete the forms to support your application(example: ongoing GP, specialist, psychiatrist)

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You are right there is the option to just reply on the LTD medical information. This option is new and only took effect in 2019.

So should you just rely on the medical information from the LTD insurer?

The answer depends on how your doctors have described your disability to the insurance company and on the insurance company forms. Keep in mind that most LTD (for the first 2 years) is paid based on disability from your “own occupation”, whereas CPP disability is only paid if you are unable to do “any work” on a regular basis.

So, it is possible for the doctors to use language that you can’t do your own job – and that will result in an approval of LTD, but would result in a denial of CPPD. On the other hand, if your doctors reports to the insurer are supportive of CPP, then you don’t want to risk getting a new one where they could contradict things, or muddy the waters. I discuss this in my book: The CPP Disability Application Workbook and in the videos that come with this book.

When we are representing people, we always get the insurance company file to see exactly what medical information will be sent to CPP disability. then you can make a decision on whether it is worthwhile to get a new report from the doctor for CPP disability.

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David, is the medical information the insurance company has always submitted to CPPD now?

No not necessarily, its just if you are doing the application, and you are already on an approved LTD claim, you now have the option to forgo the medical report and just send all the medical information from the LTD file.

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This is what my LTD insurance company did (GWL). They simply sent in all of their medical file to Service Canada. I had to sign a paper allowing this. In the end Service Canada sent a letter to my family physician asking certain questions of them to see if I in fact was unable to work at any gainful employment. In my opinion and in my particular circumstances, it would have been easier and quicker if my family physician simply filled out the CPPD application instead of GWL sending my medical file to Service Canada.


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thanks all for the feedback, I ordered the CPP Disability Application Workbook to help guide me through the application. I am trying to access the work book resources, but the link is asking me for a password, I have an order/invoice# but not sure if the site URL has been changed or what to put in the password field? Wondering if anyone/ @David_Brannen can advise if the work book resources are still available via the link provided in the book?

If you ordered it through amazon just contact our office and we assign you a password. Contact support@resolutelegal.ca. You just need to give proof of purchase to them.

Thanks for buying the workbook!