LTD Insurer and When To Apply for CPPD

Hi all,

I wanted to get everybody’s input on when to apply for CPPD based on my situation. I have been on LTD since Jan 2021 due to mental health issues, Bipolar/Major Depression and Paranoia. With CPPD they back pay a year which goes to the insurance company if approved so the LTD insurer definitely has incentive for me to apply in a timely manner. Should I wait for them to prompt me to apply or should I apply at the 1 year mark because it makes sense to wait a year at least to see if the medication treatments/changes and talk therapy have any success. I am worried about having to approach the LTD insurer that I am going to apply for CPPD as they may think I am being too eager to apply. Maybe I am overthinking but everybody knows who deals with a LTD insurer it is a quite stressful.

Thank you.

CPPD criteria is severe and prolonged. Once you meet the prolonged criteria you can apply. You don’t need to tell the insurer that you are applying until you are approved. I can’t think of a reason why they would care if you are eager to apply? Note that CPPD is taxable, and your LTD might not be so you might be out the amount of the taxes.

I would apply for CPP-D as soon as you think you won’t be able to work again.
Don’t tell the insurance company until you’re approved.

I think they would find out as I have to write down if I am on LTD, which insurer and when I started LTD etc and I plan on checking off the box for the insurer to send over the medical documents they have on file.

Ya, the insurer would know that Service Canada asked for medical documents.