Cpp-d being handled by consulting company

Good afternoon
I am wondering if anyone has experience with havingtheir ltd insurer hire a company to assist with applying for cpp-d? I have been on Ltd past my COD and had a phone conversation with a consulting firm to complete my cpp-d application after 1 yr on ltd. I have been denied cpp-d and am now at the tribunal level. I have not seen my application nor spoken to anyone from cpp-d until last week when a nurse practitioner contacted me to say they will set up a tribunal date. I have been leaving messages for my workers assistant at the consulting firm but as of now have not heard back from anyone. I am very concerned that i will have to attend a tribunal meeting with no info. Has anyone else been through this process? I would appreciate any info you can provide

Was the consulting firm hired by the insurance company to help you get CPP-D?
If yes, I would phone the insurance company and explain that you were denied CPP-D and time is critical.

Yes Jammer they were hired by the insurer and i did contact my case manager who said they dont share info or discuss things with the consultants so they could not help me. They suggested I leave a message, which i did for the 8th time in 2 weeks. I also left a message with a manager at the consulting company so maybe now I will hear back.

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