CPPD application - Service Canada lost my medical file

I called service canada to get an update on my CPP D application status. They told me that they never received my medical file from the insurance company. I am pretty sure that my insurance company did send them all my medical information. My insurance company also confirmed that it was sent. Now I have requested my insurance company to send my medical file again. Did this happened to anyone else? For how long was your application delayed due to this?

I didn’t go through my insurance company.
Best wishes.

When I applied I didn’t go through my LTDI. I applied on my own before they requested me to. I had my Dr fill out the forms. Once I was approved I informed the LTDI and forwarded the approval to them. They then informed me what I had to pay back to them as my CPPD was back dated.

Same for me.
I was approved a few weeks after LTDI asked me to apply. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Can I get your opinions on which is the best method to choose. Get LTD insurer to send in the medical information they have or get your own psychiatrist who is supportive and have him fill out the medical document. Or get the psychiatrist to fill out the medical document and have the insurer send in their medical file as well and throw everything at CPPD?

Are the options

  1. the psychiatrist to fill out the medical part of the application and the LDTI sends in the medical reports
  2. the psychiatrist to fill out the medical part of the application and send in the medical reports

I don’t see a benefit to option 1 if your psychiatrist is willing to do everything.
I vote for option 2.
I would also write a story on how your life is impacted and include that.
I think there are how to documents on the Resolute blog on how to apply for CPP-D.
There is also a book on Amazon written by @David_Brannen which should be of help (hopefully he will respond :-)).
I don’t have a psychiatrist so I am not the best person to give advice.
Good luck.