Work Benefits Denied Short Term Disability Claim


My boyfriend has been off work since the end of November 2017. He was admitted to the psychiatric ward at the hospital for depression and stayed for 3 days. There they prescribed two medication. He was released on the morning of the third day, with a follow up outpatient appointment and a Psychiatrist appointment. His psychiatrist has deemed he should not work for a month. He is off till January 15, 2018. Our HR manager at work (we work at the same place) helped him to get the info needed to apply for short term disability as he is missing work and needs to pay his bills.

He found out just after Christmas that his claim through Manulife has been denied. Upon the denial of his claim his parents told him to go back to work early. When he called in to work today to comeback early HR told him he needs a note from his psychiatrist clearing him to be able to work. His psychiatrist will not provide said note as he feels my boyfriend needs more time. Now the added stress of no income and not being able to go back to work and his parents pushing him to go to work he has taken 3 steps back.

He has only been at this job since the end of August. His benefits just kicked in a week or two before he started taking time away from work. With his depression he gets angry really fast, and the only way he knows how to deal with anger is to walk away. he’s left me at the store once because he got frustrated.

My question is what options does he have?


He should apply for ei sickness benefits immediately–if his manulife claim is approved later he would just repay EI. What reasons did Manulife give? He needs to prove that his condition makes him unable to do his job and give examples of duties and why he can not do so. Also send the side effects of the new medications. Go to the Mayo clinic website and print off the pages for depression and anxiety and check off his symptoms.
He could also take them to small claims court for benefits.

Anger and frustration is very common with men and depression. Give him the number of your Provinces suicide and/or crisis line. Tell him if he feels that he might harm himself or is really feeling agitated to go to emergency and/or go somewhere he will not be alone. Take care.


Manulife said his claim was not work related and therefore he didn’t qualify. True I know his depression started long before this job, he’s told me about how he struggled before I met him. But it is a stressful job. We work in a pharmaceutical call center providing affordable medications for Americans. Any job with the general public is stressful.


I hope he has enough hours for EI sickness benefits. Is Manulife using that he is under a year and the pre-existing clause? Perhaps welfare could help him out. Tough situation.


What was the reason Manulife gave for the denial?


Only that it wasnt work related


I don’t think the requirement to get STD disability is that it has to be work related.
What does his benefit booklet say?
HR seems to think he’d be covered.
Maybe get a legal opinion.