First time DI claim


I am a federal employee. I have been sick for 3 weeks in September when I used my earned sick leave of 2 weeks and management gave me a week in advance.

I returned to work middle of October for 4 days and became sick again. My doctor extended me a month off and my managers put me on 187.5 hours sick leave. Then they told me to apply EI.

When I applied EI, I got the payment for advance sick leave and service Canada refused to pay me for sick leave. I requested my employer to reverse those sick leave so that I can get EI while waiting for DI. They’re telling me it will take at least 2 weeks to get ROE?

In the meantime, my insurance case manager called me and now waiting for the result. I have not received any payment for more than a month, my anxiety is terrible. What should I do if they refuse my LTD? How about EI?

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Look into EI-Sickness benefits, not regular EI.

Hi, sorry you are sick. In May 2018 I went out on sick leave and it took me 5 months to get approved. The LTD company kept denying me approved sick leave. In the end it was all due to the fact that my case manager gave me the wrong forms for my Dr to fill out, and not once did she mention this to me. It was only after my husband googled most common reasons for being denied. He printed off the correct forms, and my Dr filled them out, this was in August. By end of September I was approved.

Don’t give up the fight. You pay for this entitled benefit.

Hope you feel better soon.

I did applied for EI sickness benefits for 15 weeks

Hi kiddomoase, do you work in federal government? I notified my union but I’m very frustrated since I don’t understand Sunlife Insurance policy.i hope someone can help me.

I got denied letter and now waiting to appeal it.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Send me a personal email.

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Hi there,

I sent you an email, not sure if you have received it. I’m in so much financial crisis. Should I contact my Union?


Yes you should contact your Union, they may be able to assist you.

I know when I was having issues I did contact my Union to inform them of the hassle that I was having to get approved as this is a benefit that we pay for and how can they over rule what your Dr states.

Thanks for your support. Yes I know but I didn’t know that it will go through LTD after 13 weeks of elimination period. It seems to me that I have to go back to work after 6 months through rehabilitation program?

Depends on your doctor if they say you can do a return to work.



After reading your refusal letter, I had a concern regarding my Benefit Type: Long Term Disability.

The refusal letter that I received electronically from Insurance shows that my application type is Long Term Disability LTD. On the other hand, the documentation I received from my manager shows that Long Term Disability is for those employees who are not represented by the union. But I am so it should be DI and not LTD. Also, LTD is given by different insurance company for the people who are not represented by Union like managers.

Therefore, I am a bit confused. Can someone help please?

Contact your union rep.

They never get back to me. Union isn’t helping at all.

You should be entitled to the 15 week sick leave benefit under EI. If refused appeal it with a doctors letter supporting you. Also write a letter explaining your situation and how you have been impacted daily both mentally an d physically. Also fill out a Cppd application now because it usually has 4 months waiting period for approval. Get your doctor to fill it out too and tell him how bad off you are.