Insurance company forcing me back to work before STD times up

Hello, not sure if this is something that I can fight. I qualify for 6 months STD, insurance company calls me every 3 weeks to see if I am ready to work. My doctor indicated in his note and follow up communication that I was completely disabled and unable to work, no return date. I have to ask why is an insurance company deciding what I need for medical care and not taking the advice of my doctor.

This seems fairly typically. First, I’d try to get in writing the exact reason why the insurance company thinks you are able to return to work. Maybe it’s something simple like they need more information from your doctor.

This is likely something you can fight if your doctor says you are unable to return to work.

It is a common practice to get people back to work ASAP for the insurance company even if they know you are not ready to go back to work based on the medical information they have received from your treating doctor. They know STD can lead to LTD and even the first few months of LTD they are aggressive. Hold your ground and take the advice your treating doctor is giving you.

I am being forced back to work before my doctor and therapist appointment for reassessment and back to work plan. Manulife’s back to work plan is not suitable. I was also notified by my employer before Manulife that my claim had been denied despite my dr indicating an upcoming appointment. Manulife notified me 1.5 working days that I was to return on Monday. So much for all the treatment I’ve accomplished for stress; dealing with Manulife has been an extremely stressful and disappointing experience.

Are you on short term leave right now or LTD?

Short Term, which I have only had 3 months of 6 that I qualified for.

My union told me from the get go that the insurance company is denying short term leaves way too much (totally legitimate claims being denied, one of my colleagues who had serious depression they told her there is no medical information backing it up, she just got diagnosed with depression so how could there be any medical information?) and said if you get short term leave getting LTD is a much smoother transaction. They are cutting people off right at the get go as they know it is a financial liability for the insurance company to pay STD and then LTD. Insurance companies love collecting premiums but don’t like paying it out.