Appeal Denial or Try to Return to Work

Well, now that my CPP-D claim is denied, I’m wondering what to do. Manulife expects me to appeal, but I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort? I really don’t think it will make much difference. I’m wondering if I should just try to return to my job. I do have about a year and 5 months until full retirement. Maybe it’s worth putting in the time and then retiring? My job will be physically challenging after being off for over a year and I do still have a lot of fatigue, but i’m worried about what Manulife is going to say. I’m not even sure what my HR department will say.

Appeal. Review your definition of any occupation and the income you need to make to stop qualifying as disabled. Discuss with your Doctor your fatigue and concerns about work.

I think you need to appeal even though it seems pointless.
It may be in your insurance policy that you have to appeal.
If you don’t you risk being cut off of LTD.

Yes, it’s stated in my LTD letter about the Appeal. My chemo oncologist has given me the “green light” for a work return. I’m looking at taking an early retirement instead, as I am 63 and will be 64 in Dec. There is not a lot of difference in my pension amount. My only concern is terminating my LTD and how that is handled. I contacted my Pension this morning and spoke with someone who says I can terminate the LTD and take an early retirement. Of course, I do have to notify my workplace first. It’s been weird at work with staff changes. Oh well, I’m sure someone will be able to help me.

Sounds really good.
Good luck.

Every month longer that you can stay on long term will improve your pension amount. An appeal can just be a letter from you explaining your job duties and how you could not perform at your job. Explain about your fatigue and how it affects you–ie. that you can not be a reliable employee as you would have to call in sick or could not adhere to a work schedule.
Stress is not good for your health right now–your GP could vouch for that.

Better that Manulife cut you off then you take early retirement. Do a cost benefit analysis. Figure out if the stress of appealing and Manulife is worth a smaller pension. (Pensions do not really keep up with inflation–so best advice is to live on only 80% of pension and save/invest the rest)

Indecision is hard. Whatever you decide make peace with your plans and take care of yourself.

I am sorry you are facing so much.

Yes, I’m feeling a little depressed and overwhelmed at the moment. Thanks for the great tips about the appeal.

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