What does this mean?

I phoned SC to get an update on my claim for CPP-D (it’s been 4 months).
The guy said they have made a medical decision but he said my file doesn’t say what that is (more likely he can’t tell me).
He did say they requested information from my insurer.
I asked what kind of information.
He said it was to do with the retro active amount.
Sounds like it was approved but I’m not holding my breath.
I’ll let people here know when I get the decision letter.

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Good to hear. Hope it is approved.

I told my insurer and they now want a medical form filled out by my neurologist.
Should I ask them to request it in writing?
There seems to be a problem reliably sending me letters.

They send me a letter every month confirming my direct deposit but I haven’t been getting all of them.
Some months I get them, some months are apparently returned-to-sender (for an unknown reason).
I wasn’t worried before because they always paid me.
Now I am worried I’ll be cut off and not know it.

The form says this:

I authorize my doctor to use and exchange information with Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, its agents and service providers for the purposes of underwriting, administration and adjudicating claims under this Plan. I agree that a photocopy or electronic version of this authorization is as valid as the original.
I thought I already gave them permission.
Now I am having second thoughts.

The previous case manager said I wouldn’t have to fill out any more medical reports.
They also want clinical notes since June.
I only see my neurologist once/year and the medication I am on is the only treatment so there are no new notes.

They also want a “copy of my CPP-D file” once I get the decision.
I’m asking them if this is just the letter.
I don’t like the idea of them having my whole application.
It is a lot of pages and I’m afraid it’ll be picked apart by them for differences between my LTD application and CPPD application.

I think I only agreed to “inform” them of the decision.
They already know the details from SC on amounts so I was just going to phone the insurance company.

I was only mildly paranoid before but now I am very paranoid.

I am a bit lost in all these CPP Disability decision making thing. Don’t have any more resources and strength to do so. I thought that I should get help from Resolute to appeal my CPP-D decision. I just called Resolute and asked if David could call me for a free consult. Hopefully David is available soon.

I hope David calls you, too many people give up.
I know I am in the same position (lack of strength) so if I have to appeal, I will get a lawyer.

Best of luck.

Thank you.

I just need someone to look at my files and tell me where the flaws are. I don’t see them myself. Need a fresh pair of eyes.

Maybe you don’t see the flaws because you’re looking from a “makes sense” point of view and you need “lawyer eyes”.
They look at it differently plus they have the experience of having done more than one application.

Hey Jammer
That sounds promising. I hope you receive confirmation soon.

Pain is all consuming and a little good news can help alleviate a bit of stress.

Fingers crossed for you.

Booked an appointment with David on November 20. Not so soon but still something :slightly_smiling_face:

My insurer sends these kinds of requests directly to my doctors. They prefer if I am not involved in their communications. And they pay to my doctors because of that. I don’t have to pay for the completed forms.

Ask your insurer to send the request directly to your neurologist otherwise you’ll have to pay. If they don’t want to pay they won’t send the request to your doctor.

They stopped sending me these letters long time ago. It’s just waste of paper.

I guess, every case manager works her own way. Mine requests all the clinical records every 3-4 month and in addition she sends a long questionnaire to my treating doctor to be filled out.

Maybe because of your condition you used to receive less attention but this new case manager treats your case differently.

Sounds like my case manager. She wants to have every single piece of information on me. Didn’t you make sure your ltd and cpp-d information are consistent with each other. Anyways it’s much harder to get approved for cpp-d. They may just use this information to approve your change of defenition at 2 year mark as for cpp-d you shouldn’t be able to work at any possible job.

I think they are getting all the ducks in a row before a 2 year mark.

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All the forms they send me has a note saying “Note: The patient is responsible for any cost associated with the completion of this form.”.
I can ask they sent it to my neurologist but he would send me an invoice.

I don’t really mind not getting the monthly statements but if they send me a letter for something important and I don’t receive it, it could lead to problems.

They are probably consistent, I told the truth but I didn’t go over both documents with a fine-tooth-comb.
The cpp-d app is WAY more detailed.

I’ve also been thinking about the form they sent me.
It asks about “Current Functional Limitations” and gives a scale of “None Slight Moderate Severe” for “Degree of Impairment”.
How does my neurologist know what box to check?
Plus, some days might be severe but some days are only slight.
Should I ask him to check all the boxes for “Slight Moderate Severe”?

My STD insurer used to do that. Then my therapist told me to ask them to send the forms directly to her. She explained to me that when they send the forms directly to the doctor they have to pay to the doctor and not you.

So I told my insurer that my doctor wants to communicate directly with the insurer without involvement of the patient. Well… my insurer never bothered sending the forms to my doctor and she never bugged me again.

Don’t worry about that. You will receive other letters normally.

I guess you can discuss the forms with your doctor. And instruct him on how to fill them. They usually open to fill the forms together.

Probably not. Just attach an additional piece of paper and ask him to write it there.

Don’t use “Slight” too much :smiley:

I would just have him write beside each line ‘varies’