CPPD - Decision made

Girl on phone@SC said application decision was made yesterday. She said I will get a letter in the mail.
I only sent application in 3 1/2 months ago does that mean a denial

Nope, could be accepted. :slight_smile:

Can you see anything on the Service Canada website?
If you see an amount, it is approved
If you don’t see an amount, it still might be approved.

No amount and showing in progress.

My insurer won’t give me a copy of the letter they received from CPP asking for information,

Soon find out COO decision and I will let you know

Thanks for your response


What letter?
Did you sign any forms for Service Canada to pay back pay to the insurance company directly?

CPP sent a letter to my ltd insurance for further information on Feb 13. I asked my insurer to send me a copy of that letter but they haven’t responded.

When I phoned Service canada the girl on the phone said they received the info on March 5 from my insurer,
And that Service Canada have made a decision on March 12

Thanks Jammer

I guess Service Canada could have asked your insurer for medical information about you or they could have just been asking them where to send the back pay.
Could still be good or bad so more waiting I guess.
Best wishes.

Why not? Request for your records a full and complete copy of your claim file.

Don’t feel intimidated, just be really polite and send a request with proof of receipt ie: fax, email or registered mail.

My guess is that letter requests payment information from the insurer so Service Canada can pay the back pay directly.
I wouldn’t bother trying to get your claim file unless you are denied.

Thank you. I was told it was medical information that was requested?

Respectfully disagree. I believe you should request your claim file from your Insurer. You are entitled to a copy, even of your medical information.
You only have a limited time to appeal so getting your claim file from your Insurer is pro-active.
If you are denied Cpp-D then you would request from them as well.

How long after a decision is made to receive a letter in the mail. Does the adjudicator mail the letter herself or is it sent to someone else for processing?

We received a phone call. Then a letter came about a week later. Hang in there

I hate to ask my insurer for anything.
They pass the buck a lot and nothing gets done.
They are frustrating to deal with. The

Hi thank you

I never received a phone call.

I called and ServiceCanada said a decision was made. How long ago since you were approved?

It took 3 1/2 months. Approved last June

Thank you.

I’m a little worried as the CPPD decision was quick and my insurer won’t respond to me.

My family physician went on leave in the middle of all this.

Keep calm–you can appeal if needed. This is a good forum if you have to :slight_smile:

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I am in same process with CPPD. Yesterday March 16.2018 I called and the representative told me that they have decision and they will mail it to me. He did not tell me what is decided. I am waiting and I am curious if CPPD will deposit the money directly( if they approve my application) to my insurer - Manulife? I hope CPPD will inform me of everything what they have decided and what they would proceed in the future.
Any suggestion about this situation?
Thanks, Kiro Seremetkoski

Ya, have patience.
They will probably pay the insurer directly if you mentioned you have an LTD claim when you applied for CPP-D.

I will let you know when I get my letter as a decision was made in March 12th