What does “PA” stand for?

After 14 months of waiting for a decision due to having to deal with International Operations (I’m a dual Canadian-USA citizen with work history on both sides of the border) it seems a decision has been reached on my case. The operator on the phone was very kind and helpful, but she said that my case was sent to “PA”. She was honest and said she didn’t know what it means.

Google leads me to believe PA stands for “pension adjustment”, which seems to be an employment term of some sort. I really hope this is good news; My debt is really mounting trying to keep myself alive.

One hopes for Payroll and Accounting but it could be anything really.

Apparently it didn’t mean anything good; I got my denial letter yesterday. This is now my lawyer’s problem.


Program and Administrative Services ¶- Canada.ca

](Program and Administrative Services (PA)- Canada.ca)