Question about CPP Disability

Hello , I am new here . I applied for CPP Disability back in October. I’ve been watching my status online on Service Canada website, my claim has said in progress for awhile but under my payment info it said unavailable and my banking info has been in there as well . Today after the website was shut down all day Saturday, I’ve noticed that my payment info part has disappeared. The rest is the same . I’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else ? Is it maybe they changed it , or does this mean the big denial ? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you .

I’ve noticed sections disappeared on me after a big maintenance.
You should phone and ask the status because it has been over 4 months.
I don’t think the missing sections mean anything.

Thank you Jammer . It is just confusing because it now say to view payment info for OAS ONLY :pensive:

It is probably only good for seeing a payment amount but lack of a payment amount doesn’t mean anything (even phoning is somewhat flaky).
A letter or seeing a payment $ is all I would bet on.
Good luck.

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It’s the same with my account today, so it isn’t just you. :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t think it means anything, other than they’re updating things.

Good to hear :relieved:I was hoping I wasn’t the only one . Thank you !

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Never rely on just the website or only a call. Do both, won’t hurt.