Traveling while on LTD/CPPD

Hi, im receiving ltd payments from the insurance company and cppd. Im thinking about going overseas for a few weeks and am wondering if i dont inform my insurance company and cpp, will they be able to find out on their own, e.g. does cpp have access to canadian border agencies regarding my ins/outs? They dont call me frequently so I dont think they will know if I left for a few weeks unless they can acquire info from other sources.

Im traveling to spend time with an ill relative so im wondering if its ok to go without informing them. I understand some may think its best to inform them but I rather not give them any reason to become suspicious.

I don’t think CPP-D cares if it’s just a few weeks.
I could be wrong.
If you get an ok from your doctor then I don’t think the insurance company would object.
I think my policy says I only need permission from the insurance company if I leave for more than 3 months.
Each policy is different so read yours.
I would definitely get my doctor’s approval.

Make sure you have the treatment you require available to you at your destination. This is what I have been communicated from CPPD

Whole other story regarding your LTD provider

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So will cppd know if i left the country at all, like do they have a connection with the border agency to get an update?

Anything is possible. Honesty is the best policy.

Contact your case manager and ask him/her.

I don’t know but if they find out later they could presumably cut you off.
I don’t think I have a specific CPP-D case manager.
You could call the general # and make sure your trip is ok with them.

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