Travel and long term disability

I have been on long term disability since March 2017, and I would like to travel( outside of the Canada) to visit my family. I haven’t seen them in 3 years and to make matters worse my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer( a month ago).

I am planning on talking to my doctor about it during my next appointment and ask him if i can travel for 3 months.

I read the benefits booklet there is no mention of travel( in terms of permission or informing them). I am reluctant to ask the insurer since i don’t know how that information will be interpreted.

My case manager usually contacts me every 3 months or so, and for obvious reasons i wont travel without informing her.

But for those of you, who have some experience with this can you please shed some light? How many months were you allowed to travel? Did the insurance continue to pay you while you were away? Did you need your insurer to give you permission?

Do you think that they might cut off my benefits if i travel for that long?

It sounds like when you say “case manager” that you don’t mean the insurance company.

Is the doctor you are going to talk to about travel the one who signed your LTD forms?
I don’t see a problem except if the symptoms you went on LTD for would prevent a person from travelling.
If you’re receiving treatment more often than every 3 months now then that might be a problem.
You’re within the initial 2 years so that might be good.
It’ll be good for you as long as you’re not going to worry all the time.
I would talk to the insurer though (just my opinion).

Hi Jammer,

My case manager works for my insurer. She is the one managing my case from the beginning.

The doctor that signed my LTD is the same dr that I will talking to about my travel plans. I usually see him once every 3 months.

I also believe that it would be a good idea to speak to the insurer/ my case manager . I am just not sure how my travel will look in their eyes.

Would it be a good idea to talk to my case manager before my doctor or after talking to my doctor? I am seeing him first week of October. And I was hoping I could travel a month after that.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Talk to your insurer after you have talked to your doctor.
I don’t know if the insurer will ask but I would make sure you mention you have talked with your doctor.

Good luck, I am confident you’ll be fine.

Thank you Jammer!!
I willl do that.

My case manager told me ten days max. I have to let him know the dates in advance.

10 days max out of the country?
What does your doctor say?

Wow! Only 10 days? Is there any reason he couldn’t let you travel for more than that?
Was your doctor okay with you travelling ?

Hi Nicky,

With the approval of your doctor, I think your insurer will consider approving a brief, emergency visit outside Canada to visit your sister who is gravely ill. You do need to get the approval of your insurer in advance of travel plans as it is unlikely that your LTD plan allows travel outside Canada, and possibly the US, without approval. A three month out-of-country trip might fall outside the definition of a “brief emergency visit.”

Did you think about out-of-country medical insurance for your trip? Even if you currently have coverage from your employer, it probably has a trip duration limitation (i.e. 30 day trip). In addition, regardless of the length of your trip, most out-of-country medical plans have a pre-existing medical condition exclusion (i.e. they will not pay any medical expenses for conditions related to a medical problem that existed before you departed on your trip). The pre-existing medical condition exclusion clause is this is something that everyone should consider before travelling, especially somebody who is currently so ill they can’t work (red flag for out-of-country medical insurer). Paying for medical treatment out of your own pocket while out of country can be catastrophic!

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My doctor told me to take one month but my case manager said I will be without my support system.

Insurance companies are careful with their money.

Make sure everything up to date then just go if they say anything which I doubt …Play dumb Make sure everything is done no therapy etc doc notes all up to date etc Cross all you T’s @Q’s I find insurance companies like raining are your parade …Have someone back you up at home if doc calls which is unlikely or anyone else Enjoy

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