Vacation & private DR

Hi All two questions if I may
I have been on LTD now for 8 months. We planned a family trip to spread my mom and Dads ashes in the Sea. We planned this over a year ago, when I thought this health problem would be long behind me. Do I need to tell LTD im taking a vacation ? Its 2 weeks out of country . Can they say you cant go ?
Also Im about to let go of my public Dr and going private , are they ok with this ?
Thanks so much for your help

Your policy will say how long you can be away from home. Many LTD policies state you can’t be out of Canada for over 3 months and continue to get LTD benefits. You need to get a copy of your master ltd policy for these contractual details. If it doesn’t say anything at all then there is no limitation. Regardless of length of time allowed to travel, the main thing is that your trip doesn’t prevent you from getting appropriate treatment for your disability.

The best thing is that you have your doctor give you the “ok” to travel, and make sure your travel plans don’t interfere with the appropriate treatment prescribed by YOUR doctor.

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I’m curious what the difference is?

Hi Pat. Sorry to hear about your parents.

Can I ask, what do you mean about public vs private doctor? I assume you are in Canada?

In my case, once I started paying out of my own pocket for private psychology, my disability insurer stopped requesting psych updates. I didn’t even share his name with my family doctor (and she was okay with that given the harassment I was receiving from the insurer). He ‘worked’ for me.

There was no way the insurer was paying his fees for a report either, nor would it be acceptable for them to expect me to pay the fees.

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If you pay out of pocket for care. i.e. public mental health services can be free, but you can also pay out of your own pocket for mental health services (like an hourly psychologist)

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