Timeframe for first payment/Retroactive Paymnet

I was informed yesterday in a phone call from a nurse with CPPD that my application has now been approved. The date she gave me, which I believe I was deemed “unable to work” is July 2022.

I’m just wondering how long it took everyone to receive money from the time you got the call that you we’re approved to the time you had it in your bank?

I was reading some other forum posts on here that said the status would change to "complete"now that it’s been approved, it has not done that yet but I figured that maybe that would take a few days.

It seems like some people on the forum were able to see the payment information on there once the status changes to complete.

My retro wasn’t there.
I would guess it should be there for May or at most June.
I don’t know what the backlog is now but once it is being processed to pay, it should be fast.
I’d phone in 3 weeks if there is still no update.


I received my call saying I was approved on April 29th, 2024. I received a call about payments last week explaining my payments

They said I will receive my retro by July10th and my first monthly payment on July 29.