Retro paydate confused

I have been approved for cppd! I received my tax info sheet and payment breakdown. Just wondering how long it takes for retro payment to come in? And will I get benefits for this month ?
My cra account has a payment date of May 1, but then it also states it’s been paid. Which it hasn’t. Then stated benefits are 3 days before months end. So now I’m confused about date
Thank you

Congrats on being approved.
Mine always says “paid” well before it is actually paid.
I think it means “processed” so you will probably get it.
The usual pay date is 3 days before the end of each month.
Maybe Apr 27.
I have a link to the CPP dates:
Benefits payment calendar -

As for the retro.
It probably depends on how close the approval was to the cut off time for processing.
Mine was early the month after my first payment.