Approved! Calculating Retro Pay?

Hi Everyone,

I just spoke with the Medical Adjudicator on my file and she has approved my CPP-D benefits!

A bit of background:

I have suffered from GAD, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD - and the many physical side effects that those diagnoses’ contribute to for at least the last 20 years. I have an extensive documented Medical History. I have tried numerous medications, counselling, CBT, group therapy - you name it. I put a tremendous effort into working and keeping a job (I was in the Legal Field) however each year it become more difficult and then unbearable. I’ve been on STD more than a few times and at my worst 6 jobs in the last few years.

I sent in my CPP-D Application in January along with my medical file via courier and it was received on January 17, 2020.

At the end of March I received a call from SC advising that my file was received, everything required on file and it was being forwarded to medical adjudication for processing.

On Monday, May 25th, I received a call from the Medical Adjudicator. She had a few basic questions for me including whether there have been any recent changes in my condition (no). I was very thankful and polite with her. She indicated she had not yet made a decision however that one should be made soon OR that she may request additional medical information.

First off, I was extremely surprised that my application was at the end of the process being as that it was barely over 4 months since it was received.

I began checking my SC Account for any indication of a decision. My anxiety was higher than usual and had very little sleep in light of the pending decision this week and so, I made a very bold decision to call the MA back. I received her VM and let her know that I thought I might see if there had been any progress regarding the status of my application or if she might require anything more from my doctor or myself. I explained that I had been very worried all week and if there was a chance I could receive an update before the weekend that would be greatly appreciated.

She called me back an hour ago and confirmed she had completed my file this week and approved benefits!! I am so relieved and thankful!

Now I have a question regarding the calculation of my retro pay - she has determined the onset date as being my last day of work which was September 10. I understand there is a 4 month waiting period however she wasn’t sure if I would be eligible starting December 1st or January 1st. If anybody has info or insight on what month I would receive backpay from, that would be awesome!

The MA advised that my file will now go to the benefits and that will likely take 1-2 months for processing.

Thanks much,


Congratulations on being approved.
I don’t know when the back pay starts.
I don’t know anything about the waiting period because I was on LTD at the time.

Thanks Jammer! Do you know if your monthly CPPD payment is paid at the end of the month prior OR at the end of the actual month? For example, would my June CPPD payment be released at the end of May or sometime in June and so forth?

The pay at the end of the month is for the month that just passed (I asked the same thing :-)).
I can’t find the thread but I think it was in a CERB thread.

Likely your retro will run from February 2020 to present or date they issue your cheque.

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Wow, that was fast. It took me over 2 years from the date of application, 1 reconsideration and 1 appeal. Once approved it didn’t take long to receive the retro pay and a statement indicating what my monthly CPPD amount would be. Now I’m faced with the tax impllication of the retro pay over 3 tax years.

They can spread that out over the affected years.

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