CPPD: Change in Application Status

After getting a call a week or so ago (after 9 months) from the medical adjudicator, I’ve been checking my Application Status every day.

This morning it shows “Completed”.

I’ve not received a follow-up call or letter yet, but this has changed:

" Disability benefits

Our records show you currently receive CPP disability benefits.

The month after you turn 65, your disability benefit will automatically be converted to a retirement benefit. You cannot receive two full benefits."

Does this mean I’m approved?! Before it said I didn’t qualify (I’m making a late application).

EDIT: so now the office is open, I called in. It was a bit strange – she couldn’t definitely sway “approved” but she said it’s implied as she sees a payment amount. She said to wait for the letter in the mail.


As the loan company says “you’re approved”. :slight_smile:

Our records show you currently receive CPP disability benefits.” could be a mistake but it seems unlikely to be wrong.

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That’s what mine said as well. Go into payment section. 2020 should be there and it will show you your retro amount. I found my monthly amount under the “voluntary tax” section in my service Canada account. Do some digging around. Congrats. I finally got my letters in the mail. One that said I was approved and my retro amount and the second one was a breakdown of the months they paid me for.

Nothing in the payment or voluntary tax section. But the call centre do seem to have a payment amount, so I’m pretty satisfied it is indeed a proper approval :slight_smile:

How long did your letters take? The call centre said the approval one is quick, but one with a breakdown takes a few weeks?

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Letters were about a week apart and about a week after I noticed my “you already receive CPPD” in the benefits. The amounts showed up online a day or two after that.

Thank you. That’s most helpful and reassuring to know.

I was approved! I’m so grateful and a huge weight has been lifted. I made a very bold move and decided to call back the Medical Adjudicator this afternoon after being overwhelmingly anxious about the status all week.

She confirmed that the information given was sufficient for her to approve benefits!

As far as retroactive pay - she is using my date of disability as the last day I worked, even though the date I used as onset was in 2017. My last day of work was September 10, 2019. That being said, I understand the 4 month waiting period however she wasn’t sure if that would bring me to December or January for eligibility. She indicated the benefits department could take a month or 2 so I am trying to calculate which month I would receive backpay from.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!

Glad to hear you were approved.

My disability started in 2012 (I filed a “late application”), but they used my last working day in 2016 instead (I tried to go back to work part-time). It still worked out fine for me.

When was your application considered “complete” and filed? (Not to be confused with their processing being “completed”).

I believe it was complete on January 17, 2020.