Retro CPP-D eligibility

I was injured in 2012, and worked until my first surgery in 2014. I made my first application to CPP disability in 2015, which was denied. (doc didn’t respond to CPP requests). I did appeal and that was denied and I didn’t take it any further as I was hopeful there was an end of my struggles in sight.

My chronic pain has only worsened and I have not worked at all since 2014.

I re-applied for CPP-D in July of this year and they told me over the phone today that I have been approved for benefits as of Sept 20/2017. They have not updated the system with amounts etc.

What can I expect (if anything) for any retro payments?

Because I was denied in 2015, and didn’t reapply until July 2017…does that mean I do not qualify for any retro payments?

Any insight that you can provide would be appreciated. At the same time I am grateful they have now accepted me and I can expect some assistance. Your book for obtaining CPP-D benefits was a great help in securing benefits. Thank you.

You can expect 12 months back from the date Service Canada received your most recent application. The date they same the application received / complete, not the date when they actual approved the claim.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Thank you for your prompt reply and for helping so many of us receive the CPP-D benefits.

Your site and forum are very helpful and the time and dedication you provide is appreciated.

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Thanks for your kind words. Our whole business runs on good karma. We give away as much free information and help as possible and a percentage of the people we help will end up hiring us, but many others can succeed on their own. We love to hear the success stories. We screen new employees carefully so they are in this for the right reasons and believe in our core mission. The more we have given and helped people, the more we have grown as a company.

If only every business worked that way. :frowning:

Curious as to the time line, from being approved until payment is received.
They told me on the phone it could take up to 12 more weeks.

I would have thought a few weeks.
12 weeks seems long.
I don’t receive it.

Thank you for your reply Jammer.
It seems like a long time to me as well. Maybe they misunderstood my question when I was speaking with them.

My tax refunds usually take a couple weeks.
Maybe they say 12 weeks but the typical time for direct deposit is a couple of weeks. :slight_smile: