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You may be able to see your payment information on your My Service Canada accounting you have one online through Service Canada. Aside from That, you most likely will just have to call the general CPP line at 1-800-277-9914. Good luck and congrats!


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Could you call/visit a local Service Canada office?


My spouse did not sign the irrevocable form for the retroactive and he received the retro pay three weeks after the phone call–even before the official letter.

I had a friend who was just approved and she had to wait about 12 weeks from the call as the retro pay calculation was being delayed as Service Canada was waiting for GWL to send in their calculations


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It took about a 6 weeks from when I found out I was approved until I received the lump sum payment. There was no insurance or LTD involved in my scenario.

CPP-D did tell me that they have set dates when they can make lump sum payments. They even told me what date I could expect the lump sum to be deposited.


I have seen waits of up to 6 months, but normally you are looking at 1-3 months max.