CPP-D Monthly Payment Delayed?

Has anyone who gets CPP-D not received their July payment yet? It should be my first one, and My Service Account indicates I am currently receiving benefits (and I’ve gotten my retro lump sum), but nothing in my account as of today. Just wondering if it sometimes is late. Thanks!

I received July.
My first payment was delayed because it missed the processing date for the month.
The dates of the payments that were made is on there somewhere, mine say “paid” for the status.
I would phone Service Canada especially since Monday is a holiday.

Thanks! Yes I’m waiting on hold despite the ‘over 45 minute wait time’ estimate…oog. :joy: It’s a bit weird that July didn’t come through as the retro payment did in early July, but then it’s likely done through a different system. I just want to make sure I start receiving it correctly before I notify my LTD insurer and have them subtract that amount from my LTD deposit, as I didn’t complete the permission form for CPP-D to contact them directly (hadn’t been approved for LTD when applied for CPP-D).

This might be useful, it is a list of CPP-D payment dates:

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