Retroactive payment

What can I do to keep my retroactive payment without them deducting my monthly regular payment I thought that was for the months I didn’t receive payment?

The insurance company should only deduct the retro for the months they were paying you.
Are you saying the retro goes back months before the insurance company started paying you?
Don’t sign the form saying Service Canada can pay the insurance company directly.

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Hey there,
I was just told at service Canada that I have been approved for cppd! I am wondering if you receive the retro active at right away or with your first monthly payment? I haven’t received my approval letter yet but it’s confirmed I am approved. Thanks for any info🙂

Awesome, great to hear.

My retro went directly to the insurance company.
I think the retro is paid sooner.

Thanks for your quick response. I don’t deal with an insurance company so I’m assuming it will go right into my bank? Hopefully it is before :slightly_smiling_face:

It will if you have direct deposit setup with Service Canada.
You can phone Service Canada and ask.
If you know how to log in, you can see your direct deposit info online.

My spouse also received direct and we received about 3 weeks after the call. You will have it for sure by Feb 25 before your first CPP monthly deposit! Happy for you that the approval came.