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Hey everyone, I was curious about something. I did get approved first time around, thank you but what about the retroactive payments? I applied August 7, sent the medical report on the 10. They say I was deemed disabled in November and will get November and December payments only. Does that mean no one looked at my application in September, October?

Apologies if this has been asked before and thanks for your help.

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I do not quite understand the question. I am thinking your LTD should have covered those months.

Sorry, I meant to say for cpp D

I would phone them.
It should be dated from whenever they received your application.
Did you mail it?
Did they phone you to say they received it?

I sent in my application for cpp d, back August7 via express posted. The medical report was sent by August 21. I received an initial call in August because I forgot to send authorization for them to call me. I had new developments and sent more information which was received December 10th due to the Canada post strike. I sent them that on November 29th. I checked Thursday and saw status was completed with payment information. What I find curious is when I called to confirm the agent said you were deemed disabled in November. So my question is what was going on with my application during months of September and October if I am only getting November, December payments. I waited almost 5 months to get approved and they will only back pay me 2 months?

They should back pay you to the date they received the application.
I would phone and say you applied in Aug and ask why you didn’t get back pay for Aug and Sept.

Thanks. I did call and payments start when you been deemed disabled.

The amount of the retroactive period is a maximum of 12 months before the date of application, unless your date of disability onset fell within those 12 months. The retro benefit cannot start any sooner than four months past your date of disability onset, or 12 months before your application date, which ever is sooner.

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Thank you David, appreciate the clarity.