Submitting Medical Records for a CPP Disability Claim or Appeal

I am in the process of ordering all my medical records, pysio notes and such to add to my CPP aplication. I expect this will be several hundred pages. I plan to organize and refer to the documents in my cover letter.
Is this a wise strategy?

Generally speaking it is always a good idea to include medical and rehabilitation files. What medical files to include, and how to make use of them, depends on the best strategy for your situation.

When ordering medical files you must send the complete unedited copies of medical files to CPP. Don’t mark on them or remove any pages.

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Can I send copies of medical records with my application for CPP disability benefits? Service Canada instructions state that the copies have to be certified. I was not able to certify them so I asked my family physician to enclose all the specialist reports along with the Medical Report and mail everything to Service Canada. Was it the right thing to do?

I am sending a few hundred pages of medical records-I don’t believe medical records need to be certified. I am enclosing the receipt that I paid for copies. I am sending registered mail. If they refuse to consider the documents then I would have that done at a Service Canada Center.
Having your Doctor send in everything was the right thing to do.

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