Do I need a copy of my complete medical file?


Have asked my doctor’s office for copies of recent tests and things relevant to my case but I think I read in the Resolute Legal guide book that I should own a copy of my entire medical history. Will my doctor’s office actually do this for me? There must be a fee.

Do I go through it and attach relevant files to my claim or submit the whole thing?

I don’t want to burden my doctor’s office if it’s not necessary.



Ask your doctor how much they charge.
You are entitled to a copy.


Thanks Jammer, I’ll do that.



We included the complete medical records. A lot of the records Service Canada marked or noted as irrelevant.
We included copies of the receipts for what we paid to obtain all records.

We sent everything for my husband for the last 5 years of medical records-from hospitals to Doctors records.

He was approved—they may not need everything but it sends a strong message–and if they overlook anything a strong argument for appeal. Plus all the photocopying and such—send it all :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful advice and a good outcome. Thank you!



My medical clinic sold me a USB flash drive with all my medical records.
I only printed the ones I thought were relevant.
I hope my neurologist would have said if I missed anything.

Does Service Canada reimburse the cost for the medical records?


No-but you can claim on income tax as a medical expense—you could also try your disability Insurer to recoup the cost since it benefits them