So frustrated any suggestions appreciated

So my husbands claim is now at around 190 days since they received all the information. He just called again and was told nothing. All he was told was “it’s still in progress” and that there is no outstanding paper work. They won’t answer any more questions. They won’t tell him when we can expect an answer. They won’t even tell him what step of the process his application is at.

He’s getting very upset and depressed over this. It’s like they don’t care he’s just stuck in limbo.

Anything else we can do to get some answers?

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You can file a complaint as per:

They didn’t tell me anything for 7 month. Then I kept calling them. They finally responded, telling me that I was denied CPP disability. I hired Resolute Legal and they won the case. My CPP disability application took more than 2 years from start to end.

I have been waiting over a year and they just started working on it a month ago, I know this because the phoned me and asked a few questions.

I wonder how that affects your retroactive payment?
Will it be the previous 11 months or will they pay back to the date you applied?

I ^think^ it is 11 months back from when they received the completed application.

So my husband called again a week ago. It’s now well over 200 days. He was told that his application is due to be processed in 4-6 weeks. By then he will be over 250 days.

This is so sad. They need to fix this.

Hi Jane,

I know these delays are frustrating. It sounds like you’re doing all you can to follow up with phone calls.

We recently published a blog post called How to file a complaint against Service Canada that you might like to check out. There is a lot to learn from Robert’s story in the post: be diligent with phone calls to check on the application, and certainly file a complaint if you feel that you need to elevate it.

And we answered some questions about retroactive payments too, for those who are curious. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Thank you for the reply. I read the post you linked. It makes me so sad. And now I’m afraid that in 6 weeks we will just be told they need more medical information. We have been calling for months to see if they needed anything and we are told everytime they don’t need anything. How can they do this to people. It’s like they don’t care at all.

Hello, after 8 months of waiting and my Doctor saying I cannot work again on the medical report, I was told i do not meet the criteria. What a waste of time and resources. Appealing can take up to 2 years, being a single income family with an autistic son forced back to work, even though I cannot work. Great system.

Oh Peter I’m sorry to hear that. Did they give reasons why?

They did not, only said I did not meet the criteria. Disabilty Tax Credit also declined. Doctor clearly stated , cannot work at any job , expected condition to last more than one year. Sounds like severe and prolonged to me, but what do i know. Complete and utter waste of time.Hope it works our for you Jane.

@Peter don’t give up!
Follow the suggestions here, request your file and write up an appeal.
Or, contact Resolute to do it for you.

Contact Resolute Legal for a free consult. It’s really hard and mentally draining to do appeals yourself. I was’t even hoping to be approved at all. So I hired them and they did everything for me. An we won the case.

Do you meet the contributions minimum?
I thought they had to give a reason.
I would definitely get the free consult with Resolute.
I don’t think my friend’s appeal took very long.
Best of luck.

Hi, Maximum contributions for 26 consecutive years.Gave no reason on the phone when they called, said did not meet the criteria.

I know this forum seems all doom and gloom but there are success stories to encourage others not to give up.
Get the denial letter (it will list the reasons), call the Resolute office for a consult.

Hi Peter, I am so sorry to hear that you are going thru all this stress and frustration and I am sure you have looked closely into how to fill out these applications. I also had to wait quite awhile but was fortunate enough to be successful. When I applied for these benefits I sought the help of an experienced Social Worker (Lawyer or OT) No offence to Physicians but some are not always knowledgeable with how to write them and the specifics re: daily functioning and impact on ability to be employed. The wording of these applications are so very important as I found out and getting enough medical evidence to support you. I took a very close look at the criteria because they are not always doubting the seriousness of the illness but more how it impacts specifics around your functioning. I hope you don’t give up and appeal. I appealed my Disability Tax Credit and was successful but the second time had more understanding of what they wanted and I sent a copy of my application to my Physician so he could see what i wrote as well. Good luck with your situation. Take Care!

I also highly suggest going to CBC “Go public” regarding your situation. This will highlight the government in the media, showing the growing issues of people waiting for answers for months on end with no income in one of the most expensive places to live in the world. It usually forces someone to act on your claim ASAP since they don’t like the bad press.

Hi Peter,

I was denied on my first attempt as well. My insurance company made me file and i was denied. I think they always deny the first one. 2 years later my insurance company made me apply for CPPD again and I was denied again. I decided to appeal their decision and wrote an 8 page letter of my life dealing with my illness and disability, stating why I felt my disability was long term, prolonged and severe. The appeal adjustor called me and approved my claim based on my letter which she said was very thorough and gave her a very good visual of my daily life. Even tho I had plenty of “evidence” of my disability medical wise, it was my personal letter that ended up winning the approval. I suggest you write a letter and explain in detail your situation. I think this can make a world of a difference and gives them a more personal look into your life as medical stuff doesn’t always explain the other side. :slight_smile: Good luck