Cppd 10 month wait ...and .denied

Well after 10 gruelling months and after getting attacked by our medical adjudicator for reaching out to my MP for the crazy delay in processing my hubby got his denial. She acknowledged that his disability is severe but not prolonged enough to qualify him. He has been fighting for a diagnosis and fighting this disability for 7 years !!! She clearly didn’t read his file in it’s entirety and only jumped to the end where with spinal surgery he has an 85% chance of recovery. SMH and wondering why I pay taxes … have now reached out to Resolute Legal as I don’t know how much more fight I have with this political broken system!

Well I guess the plus side is that over time it will automatically become prolonged :confused: Sorry you have to deal with this.

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I was denied on first application. I immediately requested a copy of my CPPD file from Service Canada (thru Access to Information). Once received I reviewed it and wrote a reconsideration letter based on the errors that I found on my file that was used to deny my application. My CPPD (reconsideration) application was approved in quick order. My recommendation is request your CPPD file asap.



I 2nd Steve1959, appeal.
I think they deny a lot of people at first.

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My initial application took 11 months before a decision to deny. I Was “pissed” with the individual who was handling my file which gave me fuel to fight on. Finally was approved this past May. Don’t give up and definitely seek some help, it’s well worth it.