Service Canada phoned me today

They said they received CPP-D application (that I delivered in June and they sent me a letter in July saying they received it).
My claim is being sent to medical adjudicator and I should have a decision in another 12-16 weeks.

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It’s been 5 month since I applied. Yesterday I called Service Canada for an update. Their medical adjudication team left me a note saying that my application is delayed due to high volume of applications and it will be processed in the order it was received.

It was actually a relief. I thought it was delayed because of some issues with my application.

Of course, the insurance company is on my tail. They think that I am on a shopping spree with their money :star_struck:

I hope it goes well and you and Elaine find out soon!

Thank you. Still waiting for their decision. It’s been almost 6 month. Will keep you updated.