How long until Service Canada acknowledges they received your application for CPP-D

I called Service Canada to ensure they had received my husbands complete application. First Service Canada says they have only received the Doctors forms. I explain I sent registered mail, Guy at Service Canada says impossible as it is sent to a post office box and therefore no one is able to sign. I give him the name that signed. He says not an employee. I google the name and advise that the person who signed according to linked in is an employee at Service Canada…
I also advice that my husbands Service Canada account is updated with his banking account information and that benefit is listed as unavailable. He then explains that they may have received on a different system.
Bottom line-don’t expect any real answers or accurate info calling them.
I asked for a letter confirming receipt.

Don’t they just send one anyways? Anyone know?

I guess, we sent our applications on the same day. In a week or so I called them to ask for a confirmation letter. The lady told me that they don’t normally mail them but she would prepare one for me. Then in a week I received one official letter and in couple of days another one, probably hers. Today I also received a call notifying that my application had been sent for medical adjudication. There was no lack of communication on their side and their customer service was helpful.

I think it depends on the province or a city. Probably every Service Canada office is different in the way they process the applications. Give them some time and then call again.

Thanks for the reply! It must depend on who answers the phone. I asked for a letter so will wait it out for a week.

We have not had a call yet. I did notify his Insurer that if he needs to appeal we would need legal help and asked how that would work.

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They must be swamped with applications. Especially, if you sent hundreds of pages, it’ll take them some time to sort it out and scan.

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Sent my app Dec 21 - got confirmation letter of receipt on Jan 17. Called last week – still being processed. I’m hoping I get approved soon.

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Welcome to to world of Service Canada. I also learned the hard way that you can’t courier things to them – which makes not sense when you think about it because they often old you to strict deadlines. This is a major frustration in our office.

The trick we have learned is that if you send things by Canada Post Express Post. It will always get through because the Canada post deliver people will put those in a PO box for some reason. That is what we do on all correspondence to Service Canada re CPP disability applications or correspondence.

Don’t assume that your application will ever make it to where it needs to go, even if someone signed for it. You may have to re-send it via Express Post or regular mail. Wait and see, but we have had to do that many time.

I will check with people in our office, but I think it’s usually 30 days or so for them to acknowledge receipt of new applications.


David, I was denied today. I am devastated and want a lawyer to handle my apppeal. I am in Tironto.

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Thank you I just sent my info.

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Just received a call from CPP-D. Very happy gentlemen from Service Canada says looks like it will be approved, can not guarantee as it has one more desk to pass through. Will know within the next 4 weeks or less. Good vibes. Wonder if they read through the 500 plus pages. ( Application sent March 31 -1st call)

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Good stuff. Congrats!

well, lets hope. Just wanted to know if my husband had any years off where he raised children. But says look good and it usually takes 4 months but he believes we will hear sooner for sure

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Exciting very happy for you.also thanks for the update encouraging for for all.!

congrats, it is great news.

I have a question :confused: All my life I was born hard of hearing and I can only wear one hearing aid because of the deformality of my left ear…I also developed sleep apnea and my speech is not the greatest :neutral_face:…can I apply for disability claim or insurance or whatever it is…? I been having a lot of issue on finding a job and I feel that my hearing is interfering…I also have a very low thyroid condition which makes my moods go low and become very tired and low engegy. Where or how do I get advice or help if I do qualify?

Are you employed now? Or have you been employed before?

No I’m not and been looking for awhile now. I did work at a few places where I was load off and let go.

To apply for LTD you have to have an LTD insurance.

If you contributed enough to CPP while you were employed and you have a condition that prevents you from functioning properly in your daily life then you may qualify for CPP disability (you can check your elegibility by going to CPP disability website).

A lot of programs are around employment. If you’ve been having problems with finding a job you can consider applying for local and provincial social assistance programs for people with disabilities. You may qualify for these programs if you are in financial need and have a disability.

You can always consult a disability lawyer.

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Thank u for the informations I’ll check in to that

You can also consider applying for Disability Tax Credit. It has its perks.