Question about retro cpp disabilty Payment’s

Hello so I have a question if you were approved finally thanks goodness for the cpp disabilty do they retro pay you are entitled too example you are deemed disabled and qualify from April 2017 however paperwork says your retro is effective from August 2017 does this mean you do not get payments for 4 months ( April - July ) meaning payment issued August which would be 4 months from the date you became eligible
Hope this makes sense
Thank you

I don’t know why your retro isn’t effective back to April.
When did you apply?
I think there might be a limit of a year for retro from when you apply.

Hi, this is normal. The CPP legislation requires them to apply a 4 month waiting period after the CPPD approval date. This has the effect of missing out on 4 months of payments.

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