Approved but wondering about retro pay

Hi. I was in a car accident a few years go. I just recently got approved but only got retro back 11 months from my application date. Has anyone received retro back further than application date? What is the process to appeal this?

I think you can only get 12 months before your application date? Lots of info here: CPP Disability Retroactive Benefit: Your Top 7 Questions Answered - Resolute Legal Disability Lawyers

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11 months before the date of application is the maximum time a retroactive payment can go back. This does mean a person can miss out on past payments if you didn’t apply for CPP disability as early as they could have.

I’m pretty sure I got 17 months

Hi CP111 - Under the CPP legislation, the earliest “date of onset” that they can establish is 15 months prior to the month that they received your application. Combined with the 4-month waiting period, this means that the maximum retroactive effective date for your CPPD payment is 11 months prior to the month of application.

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Hi CP111 - You certainly have the right to request a reconsideration for an earlier effective date, but they do not have the right to make an earlier decision under the legislation. I will be shocked if you win this appeal, but I’ll be interested to hear your update either way.