Reimbursement agreements-sent after you apply for LTD

To Sign Or Not To Sign?
If a reimbursement agreement is required, then in my view it would be
appropriate if there is a stipulation to repay 100% of any benefits paid to modify that
agreement to include “subject to any deductions for:
(a) legal fees and costs reasonably incurred in pursuing any Insurer’s
subrogated interest;
(b) any income tax deductions applicable for past wage loss claims pursuant
to legislation; and
(c any reductions due to liability apportionment.

I would think you could also revoke any imposed reimbursement agreements and re-send the new one. Just a thought.
You would want to check with a lawyer.

Sounds good except I think the purpose of the wording of the forms is such that it benefits the insurance company.
If you modify the forms to be less beneficial to the insurance company, they can just estimate & deduct.
Modifying the forms to not be beneficial to the insurance company is just like not signing them (IMO).

A reimbursement agreement is usually sent to you early on in your claim, likely just after you apply. It is different than the irrevocable and forms for CPP-D. Insurance Companies often impose these agreements early in the claim when you would think you have to sign it. These agreements often have you sign away rights that you did not have to under the policy.

If I had to do it over again we would have sent it back with the above modifications. In our case my husband signed the reimbursement agreement, but the Insurer breached the agreement-so they can not rely on it.

Don’t remember signing any reimbursement agreements.

Me neither,
I thought the reimbursement agreement was the irrevocable stuff.
Maybe it was with the same forms,