LTD Insurer request for information

For people who have been approved for both LTD and CPP-D, and happen to have an LTD insurance policy that is NOT offset by CPP-D payments, is one obligated to send the LTD insurer a copy of the CPP-D approval letter if requested? Put another way, if the CPP-D payments do not affect the LTD payments, why would the LTD insurance company still want a copy of the CPP-D approval letter?

Thank you.

Probably not obligated, but it may strengthen your case. The CPPD standard is severe and prolonged, which is tougher than most definitions of disability, so it gives added weight to the conclusion that you are disabled if the government agrees.

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Thank you for the reply, Caro. I was thinking the same thing, but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

I agree with Caro.
I don’t see any reason not to give them the approval.