Insurer asked me to apply for CPP only 7 months into LTD

Hello David,

Just wondering how should I approach this, Case Manager informed me that they are mailing some forms to fill out regarding CPP application. Is this a bad sign? unusual?
I am only approaching 7 months into LTD benefits and it just looks to me little odd. Should I sign everything or even question why is this rush?

Thank you for your time and advise

Welcome to the club! :slight_smile:
We talked about these forms quite a bit on the forum.

I read about the forms conversations here but just the asking within 7 months is what is perplexing.

Oh, I see. Wait for an expert advice.

I think it is a good sign when they ask you to apply for ccp-d. Probably they expect your condition to last a bit longer and want to get their reimbursement payments as soon as possible.

Well I didn’t signs the forms that they sent me but I did send them the letter from Service Canada confirming the receipt of my application. No response from my insurance yet.

Hi, the trend out there is that insurance companies are really pushing people to apply for CPP-D sooner than in years past. We have discussed it a lot on this forum…but it boils down to the fact that in many policies they have the right to force the claimant to do this. The reason they do it early is because they still have financial leverage over you, so they can use that to make sure you sign forms that will make sure they get paid your CPP-D retroactive payment even after they cut off your LTD payments. This makes life easier for them because they don’t have to get into suing people to recover the CPP-D retro payments etc. If your policy has a clause that allows them to estimate and deduct the CPP payment, then technically they can do this unless you agree to sign all the forms and apply for CPPD.

Even if you sign all those forms they can still cut you off in the near future-and they will still get the retro CPP if you signed.

Thanks for your input Elaine

Thank you I appreciate it

Thank you David, I appreciate it very much

If you decide not to sign the forms they may bully you a bit. But stay strong. Good luck.

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Is there a good reason not to apply for CPP? My insurance is trying to get me to sign on to it as well - 5 months into a 2 year LTD plan. I feel bullied and intimidated, however, it is partly because I don’t know if I should. I wonder if they are trying to trick me into it or if it will be better for me in the long-run. I expect that it is very unlikely I will be able to return to work.

The only good reason is if you are still undergoing tests and still have to see specialists whose opinions could greatly enhance your entitlement to CPP-D. Or in the alternative they may offer a cure or course of treatment that might get you back to work. Your Insurer is looking to reduce costs. They likely do not see you as a good candidate for rehabilitation so they might as well have you try the CPP-D route. Doing it well before the 2 year mark works for them in that if you are denied the first time, you can ask for a reconsideration. All before you have to prove to them that you are unable to do any occupation.
Ask your Doctor what he/she feels is best for you right now.

It’s in your insurers best interest and yours, of course, that you get approved for cpp-d.

I would wonder why they ask some people to apply so early and some much later into the ltd. Is there any chance that your health is unlikely to improve in the nearest future? Then do you have a higher probability to be approved for cpp-d?

My case manager requested any possible medical record and other information on me before asking to apply for cpp-d. There was a lot of hesitation. It makes me think that there was hope I would go back to work soon. But now they have to ask otherwise they won’t get back their 12 month of retroactive payments.

The plan information I found online says that if “you don’t apply for a benefit for which you are ELIGIBLE then the insurer can estimate that benefit and take it out of your payments”.

You can always call your case manager and discuss the options. See if they can let you apply later. Of course, assuming that they care.

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There is another provision found in many policies that require you to apply or to appeal if asked to for CPP-D.
My husbands insurer’s regional manager has informed him that no such provision exists in his policy-contrary to what they told him prior to applying. So he did not have to apply while he is still under his own occupation definition.
They are reducing his benefit an estimated CPP-D because he did not sign the irrevocable forms which he is challenging in court as they are not allowed to reduce his benefit until he is found entitled to CPP-D.
There defense is that he is entitled to apply.

If you have your Doctors support then apply-if you have more tests/specialist/procedures to go through it may be better to wait.

This is a very good thread. Chloe, if you haven already done so, check out my article that covers reasons why YOU would want to apply for CPP-D, apart from anything the insurance company is pushing on you.

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